Complete Study Plan

All semesters (regular)

Semester 1 (30 Credits)

Mandatory Courses for Semester 1

  • The History and Evolution of the Field of Cultural Diplomacy
  • International Case Studies of Cultural Diplomacy
  • Future Trends in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy

Elective Courses for Semester 1 (students must select 2)

  • Nation Branding and Unilateral Cultural Diplomacy
  • International Organizations
  • European Politics

Semester 2 (30 Credits)

During the second semester, students will undertake a professional development and training program at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy as well as two elective courses. The professional development program is designed individually with each the student and comprises some or all of the following main components:

  • Research
  • Development of Cultural Diplomacy Initiative
  • Participating in and Contributing to ICD’s Projects, Activities and Conferences

Elective Courses for Semester 2 (students must select 2)

  • Models of Cultural Diplomacy
  • Religion and Cultural Diplomacy
  • Soft Power, Hard Power, and Smart Power
  • Cultural Diplomacy in Conflict Zones

Semester 3 (30 Credits)

Mandatory Courses for Semester 3

  • International Economics
  • International Financial Markets and Institutions
  • International Marketing
  • International Management
  • International Business Strategy

Semester 4 (30 credits)

Following three semesters of academic study, students will be qualified to write an in-depth analysis on the topic of their choice related to the theme of the program. Students are required to complete a master's dissertation during their fourth semester of study, and will be provided with guidance on how to choose an appropriate topic, and how to identify and locate the necessary sources. The topic, structure and length of each dissertation will be subject to individual review and faculty mentor approval. In addition, students will undertake project work course/workshop related to the preparation of the thesis. The students will be asked to defend their dissertation before a panel of faculty members prior to receiving a final grade.