Source: BetonBild/Wolfram Janzer

Our Faculty Building

The HFU Business School is located in the F Building on the Schwenningen Campus. The building was opened in October 2011. The imposing "Tondo" art object by the Stuttgart artist martin Bruno Schmid which is set into the wall in the foyer on the ground floor has received critical acclaim.

The modern building with its characteristic double fassade was designed by the Stuttgart architects, Schädler & Zwerger and Glück & Partner.

More information about the architecture

Tondo art object. Source: BetonBild
Library. Source: BetonBild/Wolfram Janzer

University Campuses

Furtwangen University has three campuses. The original campus in Furtwangen, which lends the university its name, is home to 5 faculties and approximately two-thirds of our students.

Our second campus is located in the centre of Schwenningen, in the twin town of Villingen-Schwenningen, in the historic setting of the Kienzle clock factory.

There are 3 faculties on this campus which together make up about a third of the total student body, the HFU Business School, the Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering and the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences.

The third campus in Tuttlingen opened in 2009 and has one faculty, the Faculty of Industrial Technologies.

The excellent study facilities and services on the Schwenningen Campus including the award-winning library, ensure a successful study experience.


TheSchwenningen Campus is situated in the twin town ofVillingen-Schwenningen (c. 80,000 inhabitants) approximately 30 kilometres east of Furtwangen. It is home to 3 universities so it has a large student population, many of whom are internationals. In the past Schwenningen was a world-famous clock-making town employing thousands of local people in its factories. Nowadays the factories have gone and Schwenningen is a bustling town with shops, cafes and restaurants in an attractive pedestrian centre. Students can take advantage of all the amenities the town has to offer including a modern indoor swimming pool, an arena where the local ice hockey team plays in the German league, and several cinemas, which also show films in English.

Freetime activities on and off campus

The Schwenningen campus has a wide range of student organizations and clubs who regularly host their own business, social and sports events so there's always something happening around campus. And the multitude of indoor and outdoor recreational activities Schwenningen has to offer mean there is no shortage of things to do off campus either.

Villingen-Schwenningen is well-known for its sports, and not just for its famous Wild Wings, the ice hockey team which plays in the top German leagues. Many other indoor and outdoor sports such as skiiing, biking, table-tennis and swimming are also very popular and the town boasts excellent sports facilities.

Schwenningen is also an ideal location for exploring Europe. Stuttgart, Constance and Freiburg are a one hour train trip away and France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy are all easily reachable for weekend trips.

The Fifth Season of the Year

On 6 January, the traditional wooden masks and costumes are fetched out of the cupboards to get ready for"Fastnacht", the 5th season of the year, which is celebrated in Schwenningen and throughout the region. The name comes from the period of fasting before Easter.