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WNB - the study programme for creative women

  • The possibilities of the internet are changing our lives and the world of business profoundly. However skilled experts who can help companies move into the digital age are currently hard to find.
  • The Business Networking eBusiness programme(WNB) provides the key qualifications necessary to enable companies and other organizations to compete successfully in the future and to move into new areas of business.

The idea behind the Business Networking eBusiness programme (WNB)

  • Can you picture yourself using your openness, empathy, curiosity and creativity to work in a team on projects where, for example, you develop and implement new ebusiness business ideas which don't yet exist?
  • Do you want to do a broad-based degree programme which allows you to work in many different areas and where you can find out what your personal interest is, then develop it further?
  • Then our programme with its T-shaped profile could be right for you - a broad foundation plus specialization in an area of focus where you will later work:
    • Our T-shaped programme starts with a broad basis (the cross stroke of the T) then allows you to specialize (the downstroke of the T).
    • Companies nowadays are increasingly looking for a T-shaped personality, the concept of which was developed by Dorothy Leonard-Barton (Leonard-Barton, 1995)
  • The Business Networking eBusiness (WNB) programme first gives you a broad foundation and then enables you to focus with electives on the areas which interest you.

Is the whole WNB degree programme women-only?

  • The lectures in the mandatory subjects are only for WNB students. Later in the electives and the two semester projects - Business Project and Software Project in the 5th and 6th semesters - you will study together with other bachelor's students.
  • This gives you the advantages of both types of learning, unique in Germany. And the success of our graduates shows that it works.

WNB subjects and focus areas

What is Business Networking eBusiness? (I9053-1)
WNB Teamarbeit

WNB students in a business process design workshop

Who studies WNB - Business Networking eBusiness?

Prerequisite for the course is the university entrance qualification. The individual circumstances of applicants vary widely, e.g.

  • School leavers
  • Women who already have a vocational qualification and would like to do a degree
  • Women with children