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Studying internationally is a matter of course at HFU! Whether it's our "outgoings" who want to start a semester abroad or "incomings" from all over the world (currently from over 90 countries) who want to spend a semester with us or complete their degree here – we love our diverse community! On this page you will find information about international studies. 

Experience the whole world at HFU!

Our university actively embraces internationality and diversity - easy to see at our International Festival!

Study semester abroad

Would you like to study abroad for one or two semesters during your studies at HFU? And perhaps complete an additional degree there? In English or in another language? We can help you prepare.

Internship abroad

You don't have to complete the internship semester during your bachelor's degree in Germany. You can also do it at a company anywhere in the world. Whether it's with a global corporation or an exciting start-up in your field.

Coming to HFU from abroad

Are you studying at one of our partner universities or elsewhere abroad? And would you like to complete one or two semesters or even do a complete degree at HFU? We can help you find the right courses and contact persons.

You want to study in English?

At HFU, we also offer many degree programmes taught in English.

Our English programmes

Bilingual university

  • Current know-how
  • Best job propects
  • Cutting-edge research
  • Innovative and practical

You can start your studies in German and then take more and more subjects in English. In the end, you'll be awarded a bilingual degree. A real plus in the job market.

Study internationally any way it suits you

Outgoings: from the Black Forest out into the whole world

Study semester abroad

If you are studying at HFU and would like to study abroad, our International Center (IC) will advise and support you! More information on the IC can be found further down on this page.
Basically, you have two options:

General information on higher education systems in other countries can be found in the DAAD country information.

Practical semester and/or thesis abroad

Not only can you spend a semester abroad, but you can also gain experience abroad during your internship semester. Almost all of our bachelor's degree programmes include a practical semester as a compulsory internship. The semester in which it takes place is regulated individually for each degree programme.

You can also write your thesis abroad – we will show you which options are available here. 

The IC offers HFU students information events on studying abroad every semester. There you can also find out everything about financial support options and funding programmes such as the Foreign BAföG or an ERASMUS+ supplement.

Incomings: from other countries to the Black Forest

Would you like to experience HFU for a semester?

Our International Center (IC, more information on this page below) advises and supports all international students who would like to spend an exchange semester at HFU. Experience HFU onone of our Internal link opens in the same window:three campuses, benefit from our cutting-edge teaching content and – most importantly – make friends for life!

Are you coming to stay?

If you are interested in completing your entire degree programme at HFU, our HFU Bilingual team is available to support you. Our School of Languages and Cultures offers a wide range of language courses where you will study with many other international students. If you would like to study in German, we offer you a preparatory semester with Internal link opens in the same window:HFU Prep so that you can perfect your language skills before you start studying.

One university - three campuses

If you are studying at Furtwangen University, it depends on which faculty your degree program is located at - you can study at the campus in Furtwangen, Schwenningen or Tuttlingen! You can find information about the campuses on the Internal link opens in the same window:study programme pages in the grey box above.

Structure of degrees and fees

At HFU, we offer study programmes in both German and English. Our bachelor's programmes last seven semesters, our master's programmes three semesters. All bachelor's programmes and most master's programmes are free of tuition fees.
However, those who come to Baden-Württemberg from outside the EU for a full degree course are charged tuition fees of €1500 per semester. Internal link opens in the same window:More information on tuition fees for non-EU citizens and exemption regulations

Get nominated

If you would like to come to HFU as an exchange student from one of our partner universities, you must be nominated by your home university by email. The following deadlines apply for the nomination:

  • for an exchange semester in the summer semester 15 October
  • for an exchange semester in the winter semester 15 April

If you are not studying at a partner university, please send us an email with your short application to Email application is started:incoming(at)hs-furtwangen.de.

This is how you apply

For your application, you must provide proof of your language skills (German or English – depending on the study programme): minimum B1 level CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

You also need: Certificate, letter of motivation, CV, proof of language proficiency and a passport photo.

You can apply by 1 November for the summer semester and by 1 May for the winter semester.
External link opens in a new window:To our application portal

Your choice of courses

The normal workload is 30 ECTS per semester. 1 ECTS corresponds to around 30 hours of work per semester (course including preparation and follow-up work).
The duration of a semester hour per week (SWS) is 45 minutes. Guest students on the Furtwangen Campus usually take courses from our Internal link opens in the same window:International Semester – a cross-faculty offer of courses in English on the Furtwangen Campus. If your German language skills are sufficient, you can also attend German lectures. Click here for Internal link opens in the same window:all our study programmes.

Check the calendar

The academic year at HFU consists of the winter semester and the summer semester. Lectures in the winter semester start at the beginning of October and run until mid-January. The subsequent examination period lasts until mid-February. Lectures in the summer semester begin in mid-March and run until the end of June. The subsequent examination period lasts until the middle/end of July. The lecture-free period is mid-February to mid-March and end of July to end of September. For visiting students and students on English-language courses, an orientation programme including an intensive German course begins two weeks before the start of lectures.

Living costs

The cost of living in the Furtwangen and Schwenningen region is significantly lower than in the major university cities and is around € 600 to € 700 for accommodation, food and health insurance. For a visa, however, you will need to provide proof of a monthly income of €861. The following examples give you an idea of the costs you can expect: A room in a hall of residence costs between € 250 and € 300 per month at our locations, a one-room apartment up to around € 350. A lunch in the canteen costs € 2.80. In Germany, a liter of milk costs around €1. 

Get your visa and you're off

Before entering Germany, you must apply for a student visa at the relevant German diplomatic mission abroad (this does not apply to citizens of EU and EEA countries). You'll need a valid passport, admission from the German university, proof of sufficient financial means and health insurance. Some countries require a blocked account with a security deposit, which you can open with Deutsche Bank, for example, or via service providers such as ExpatrioFintibaCoracle. The German diplomatic mission abroad can only issue the visa for entry after the responsible immigration authority in Germany has given its approval. Please make sure that your visa is issued for the purpose of your studies.

Register yourself

After entering Germany, you must register at the residents' registration office (also known as the "Bürgerbüro" or "Bürgeramt") in your place of residence. You should do this in your first week. You'll need an identity card or passport (possibly with a visa), a landlord's certificate (so-called "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung") and a completed registration form. Once you have registered, you will receive a registration certificate. You will need this, for example, to open a bank account or apply for a residence permit. Regardless of whether you have a visa or not – you must always register in Germany!

Get insured

You need health insurance to study in Germany. Insurance is compulsory until you have completed your 14th semester or are 30 years old. You cannot be enrolled without valid health insurance. Students from EU countries can present their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when enrolling. Students from non-EU countries must be insured with a German health insurance company. Here you can find External link opens in a new window:information on the statutory health insurance system in Germany. You will usually opt for statutory health insurance (if you are under 30 and do not have an EHIC). You must have private health insurance from your home country recognised; you will need a corresponding certificate of exemption from a German health insurance company to enrol. Contact persons for this are, for example, the Techniker Krankenkasse - TK (Mr. Tobias Hauser, e-mail: tobias.hauser@tk.de or the AOK: www.aok-bw.de/sbh. It is best to take out travel insurance for the period between your arrival in Germany and the start of the semester (e.g. via ExpatrioFintibaCoracle).


ERASMUS+ is a funding programme of the European Union. It aims to promote lifelong learning, enable sustainable growth, strengthen social cohesion and European identity and drive innovation. The programme focuses on the topics of inclusion and diversity, digitalisation, political education and sustainability.

Furtwangen University participates in the ERASMUS+ programme and enables students, teaching staff and employees to spend time abroad funded by ERASMUS+ via a broad network of European partner universities.
Scholarships are awarded by the Erasmus Consortium, a central institution of the state of Baden-Württemberg based at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

I'm happy to advise you on the financing options!

Our Erasmus+ coordinator

Our international departments

International Center (IC)

The International Center is the central point of contact for all foreign students and guests of Furtwangen University as well as for students and academics planning a stay abroad. The International Center is also responsible for the maintenance and further development of international university relations and is the point of contact for all questions relating to the internationalisation of studies, teaching and research.

Team - Responsibilities

Email application is started:Brigitte Minderlein: Head of IC, cooperation, finances, funding programmes, outgoings advice, Erasmus+ Coordinator
Email application is started:Anette Kohler: Deputy Head of IC, Moveon support, outgoings advice, Schwenningen Campus
Email application is started:Ulrike Waldvogel: scholarships, outgoings advice, Furtwangen Campus
Email application is started:Petra Balasta: visiting students, Schwenningen Campus
Email application is started:Julia Hennig: visiting students, Furtwangen Campus, contact for tuition fees for international students
Lucia Schwarz: outgoings advice Schwenningen Campus, nominations, projects
Indra Eckerlin: Academic Service Center, Tuttlingen Campus

Furtwangen Campus

E Building (Altes Forsthaus)
Baumannstraße 29
78120 Furtwangen
Email: outgoing-fu(at)hs-furtwangen.de /incoming(at)hs-furtwangen.de

Opening hours during lecture period
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:
9.00 - 11.30am
1.00 - 3.00pm

Appointments can be made by agreement outside opening hours

Schwenningen Campus

B 1.05
Jakob-Kienzle-Straße 17
78054 VS-Schwenningen
Email: outgoing-vs(at)hs-furtwangen.de / incoming(at)hs-furtwangen.de

Opening hours during lecture period
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  8.45 - 11.45am
Tuesday, Thursday: 1.15 - 4.00pm

Appointments can be made by arrangement outside opening hours.

Tuttlingen Campus

A 2.10
Kronenstraße 16
78532 Tuttlingen
Email: outgoing-tut(at)hs-furtwangen.de / incoming(at)hs-furtwangen.de

Opening hours
Monday: 1.45 - 3.45pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9.15 - 11.45am

Appointments can be made by arrangement outside opening hours.

School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)

The School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) offers all members of Furtwangen University the opportunity to acquire, improve or deepen their foreign language and intercultural skills.

Over 40 qualified teachers, most of whom are native speakers, teach well over 75 courses per semester to both students and university staff in groups of no more than 23 people. Our aim is to make foreign language teaching modern and innovative by constantly expanding our range of courses and using online modules.

Our School of Languages and Cultures is also a test centre for internationally recognised language tests for German, English and Spanish.

Download file:Flyer School of Languages and Cultures

HFU has over 150 partner universities worldwide.

Would you like to study abroad for a semester? It's easy at HFU because we have exchange progammes with universities on all continents.

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