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Research themes

Research themes (I70)

Our research activities can be assigned to six interdisciplinary research areas, which reflect the thematic breadth of research at HFU.

HFU is also represented on the research map of the German Rectors' Conference with the large and powerful focal points of production technology, microsystems technology and health & medical technology. The research map only presents outstanding research priorities at German universities that meet certain performance criteria.

The interdisciplinary innovation and transfer partnership CoHMed - Connected Health in Medical Mountains is funded as part of the BMBF's funding measure "Strong Universities of Applied Sciences - Impulse for the Region (FH-Impuls)". HFU is one of ten universities nationwide to receive funding under this programme

Production Engineering

Whether grinding and precision machining, service innovation, technical information, robotics or material properties - our research focus sets new scientific standards and opportunities.

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Smart Systems

Intelligent devices and systems are becoming increasingly important. From medical technology to driver assistance systems, smart solutions are needed in every area of life and work. That is why we focus on safety aspects, reliability, miniaturisation, energy consumption and intelligent data processing in this area of technology.

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Medical Technologies

Our interdisciplinary research combines medicine with engineering. Our leading scientists are researching topics such as ventilation systems of the future, molecular diagnostics, data science, microbiology and tumor biology as well as movement medicine. The groundbreaking work is carried out in close cooperation with companies in the medical technology sector and clinics worldwide. 

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Society, Health, Sustainability

The "Society, Health and Sustainability" research focus area carries out interdisciplinary research projects on current social challenges. The focus is on the topics of poverty and social inequality, civil society, quality of life in rural areas, assistive technologies and the use of technology in old age as well as education for sustainable development.

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Innovation and Gender Research

We develop innovation management approaches for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as well thought-out models for cooperation. In the area of gender research, we are working to increase the participation of women in highly qualified scientific and technical professions. Equal opportunities measures are supported by the federal and state governments and the EU. 

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Computer Science and Media

Today's world needs digital media that are tailored to our intellectual, auditory, tactile and visual needs as a form of information and communication. We design applications in areas such as medicine and health, media and communication, Industry 4.0, smart home, logistics, production and sensor technology.

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