Society, health, sustainability

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The "Society, Health and Sustainability" research focus area carries out interdisciplinary research projects on current social challenges. The focus is on the topics of poverty and social inequality, civil society, quality of life in rural areas, assistive technologies and the use of technology in old age as well as education for sustainable development.

Research projects and studies are carried out on the following topics:

  • Social transformation processes
  • Digitalisation in prevention and health promotion
  • Digitalisation and participation
  • New technologies in care
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Environmental technology

Social transformation processes

Social structures are subject to movements and transformations that are caused by social, cultural and economic endogenous changes, such as the mutual influence of social actors in their (self-)understanding and behavior (e.g. poor - rich, young - old).

At the center of scientific research are questions about the opportunities and risks of human and humane existence, especially against the background of technological and media developments as well as cultural and social change.

Current fields of research include the development and application analysis of digital lifelogging and reminder systems, the investigation of the significance of communication technologies for the social inclusion of older people and the critical social science monitoring of the food bank movement as well as poverty economy offers in Germany.