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HFU is a cosmopolitan university that promotes intercultural and academic exchange. More than 150 partner universities worldwide offer students, academics and staff a wide range of opportunities for mobility and collaboration.

Strategy and vision

Internationalisation is a focal point of Furtwangen University's strategic development and is a cross-sectional responsibility for all areas of the university, including teaching, studies, research, academic continuing education, as well as knowledge and technology transfer.

Sustainable, qualitative and cross-faculty internationalisation ensures the high quality of education, international competitiveness and international visibility of the university. The individual and differentiated strategies for the internationalisation of the university are integrated into the strategic goals of the university and thus correspond to its institutional goals and strengths.

Furtwangen University's internationalisation strategy comprises four core strategic goals:

  1. In the long term, as many HFU students as possible should spend a study and/or internship semester abroad.
  2. The internationalization of the campus is promoted by attracting international students and academic staff and by expanding the range of courses taught in English.
  3. HFU is expanding its international cooperation network, developing relationships with foreign partner universities and deepening its international contacts.
  4. HFU students are specifically prepared for a career in an international environment.

International Campus

Furtwangen University will continue to develop into an "international campus" where people from diverse backgrounds and with different life paths can study, research, teach and further their education together. We want to promote the professional, interdisciplinary and socio-cultural integration and networking of our students and facilitate intercultural dialogue. All members of the university, not only students, are encouraged to participate in this academic and cultural exchange characterised by tolerance and openness.

International mobility

Furtwangen University promotes the mobility of students and university staff within the framework of exchange programmes, international research cooperation, integrated study programmes, binational study programmes with double degrees and internationally oriented, practice-oriented study programmes. We aim to deepen and expand our worldwide contacts with universities, companies, research institutes and other institutions in the long term through strategic partnerships.

International teaching

Curricula and forms of learning are continuously being internationalised so that all students at Furtwangen University can acquire international skills, even if they are not themselves internationally mobile. The expansion of foreign-language courses and degree programmes is in line with the University's multilingual policy, as is the promotion of German as an academic and national language, which enables our international guests full access to academic and social life.

Internationally oriented degree programmes and university collaboration benefit from the possibility of virtual learning. Blended learning formats can also be used to integrate shorter stays abroad into the study programme. Furtwangen University is also committed to academic continuing education through international study programmes with practical relevance, mobility opportunities for students already in employment and continuing education opportunities with study phases abroad.

Awards and networks

Furtwangen University is a member of various national and international networks and university organisations:

  • International Lake Constance University
  • Trinational Metropolitan Region Upper Rhine
  • GATE-Germany
  • Specialist Alliance Winning Region

    HFU International

    Under the umbrella of HFU International, central service units enable numerous students to successfully spend time abroad and shape HFU as an international and cosmopolitan university. As part of the DAAD's programme, HFU has set itself the goal of becoming a bilingual university.

    Global Services

    Global Services coordinates and manages important university-wide internationalisation processes. Campus and university-wide support programmes, which contribute significantly to the internationalisation of the university, are located at Global Services. For example, Global Services offers an English translation service, supports the placement and supervision of foreign interns and promotes the expansion of the International Semester.

    International Center

    The International Center is the central point of contact for all foreign students and guests of Furtwangen University as well as for students, academics and scientists who are planning a stay abroad. The International Center is also responsible for the maintenance and further development of international university relations and is the point of contact for all questions relating to the internationalisation of studies, teaching and research.

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    School of Languages and Cultures

    The School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) offers all members of Furtwangen University the opportunity to acquire, improve or deepen their foreign language and intercultural skills.

    Over 40 qualified teachers, most of whom are native speakers, teach well over 75 courses per semester to both students and university staff in groups of up to 23 people. Our aim is to make foreign language teaching modern and innovative by constantly expanding our range of courses and using online modules.

    The School of Languages and Cultures is also a test center for internationally recognised language tests for German, English and Spanish.

    HFU Bilingual

    HFU has been funded by the DAAD's programme since March 2021 and has set itself the goal of becoming a bilingual university. The focus is on a digital and internationally oriented range of courses, the establishment of double degree programmes, the expansion of foreign language offerings and the development of intercultural further education opportunities for HFU students and staff.

    More and more degree programmes at HFU are being offered bilingually and with the option of a double degree in two languages.

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