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International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy

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Are you interested in the exciting world of cultural diplomacy? "Cultural Diplomacy" qualifies you to improve relations and cooperation between different countries and cultures. We'll teach you to understand the connection between international business and cultural diplomacy, which will enable you to enter the sensitive field of international relations!

  • ECTS: 90 ECTS
  • Programme duration: 4 semesters
  • Campus: External
  • Faculty: HFU Business School
  • Programme begins: summer semester (March), winter semester (October)
  • Application deadline: 15 January (summer semester), 15 July (winter semester)
  • Entry requirements: bachelor's degree
  • Teaching language: English
  • Accreditation: yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)
  • Flexible expertise In this master's programme, you will build up your expertise in international relations and global business. Flexibility and a strong intercultural focus are particularly important to us!
  • In the heart of the capital Our university locations are in southern Germany, but we offer IRCD at the campus of our cooperation partner ICD, where you can study "Cultural Diplomacy" in the heart of the German capital, a European metropolis, and build your international network.
  • Two tracks You should plan four semesters for your path to a master's. Depending on your previous qualifications (studies and practical experience), the programme can also be shortened to three semesters.
  • Strong partner In Berlin, you will be taught by competent HFU professors with experience in international organisations. The study programme is organised jointly with the "Institute for Cultural Diplomacy".

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

In addition to lectures and seminars, the focus of this course is on exchange and communication. We discuss current international topics with specialists from the fields of international relations, economics, communication, politics, human rights, culture, peacebuilding, multilateral diplomacy, conflict resolution and development.

First electives

The first semester of ICRD focuses on topics such as the history and development of the field of cultural diplomacy and future trends. We work on international case studies, and you can choose between electives such as Nation Branding, International Organizations, Foreign Policy or European Politics.

Your area of specialisation

In the second semester, students take two electives and a further development programme at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. You will be involved in subject areas such as research or the development of campaigns or projects. Electives allow you to specialise further in various areas of cultural diplomacy.

More in-depth knowledge

In the third semester, we deepen your knowledge in the following subjects: International Relations, Political Economy, Financial Markets and Institutions, Intercultural Communication, Managing Cultural Diversity, International Business Strategy, Business Simulation and Academic Research and Writing.

Your master's thesis

After three semesters of academic study, your master's thesis is due in the fourth semester! We will advise you on the choice of topic for this in-depth analysis, offer workshops to help you prepare and guide you in your search for sources. You will have to defend your thesis in front of a faculty committee before you receive your final grade.

Entry requirements

To enrol in IRCD, you must have successfully completed a bachelor's degree. As the course is taught entirely in English, you should have a very good command of this language, both written and spoken. 

No matriculation is required for IRCD – students are enrolled on the course as external students in accordance with LHG §33 (External examination).

Tuition fees

There are different tuition fees for the two options Regular or Fast Track: 

Regular (four semesters):
The costs total €12,000: €6,900 before the first semester and €5,100 before the third semester

Fast Track (three semesters):
Costs total €9,000:  €5,175 before the start of the first semester and €3,825 before the second semester

What's included

Special features

Our cooperation partner

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy ICD
The ICD was founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting peace and stability in the world by strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels. The ICD is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in the international and intercultural capital of Germany, Berlin. The ICD believes that intercultural and intracultural relationships can be strengthened, maintained and promoted through dialogue and therefore aims to bring people from all walks of life together to start this dialogue. This type of dialogue leads to better understanding and greater trust between cultures, prevents misunderstandings, improves communication and cooperation and helps to reduce the likelihood of socio-cultural conflicts.

Your career prospects

Start your international career

This degree programme prepares you for careers in diverse fields, for example as experts in international relations, politics and culture, cultural studies, business and the financial sector. Your expertise is particularly in demand at governmental and non-governmental institutions with international responsibilities and in international business. Look forward to exciting opportunities worldwide!

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