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Computer Science to try out

Are you considering whether doing a degree is right for you? Are you interested in computer science, but are unsure which course might be right for you and whether you are up to the task? Then why not give it a try!

With our Computer Science prep course (OI), we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of computer science for a semester and get to know our degree programmes in Internal link opens in the same window:Computer Science, Internal link opens in the same window:Business Data Science and Internal link opens in the same window:Digital Business and eCommerce as well as Internal link opens in the same window:Computer Science in Media at the Furtwangen University campus!

  • New at HFU
  • ECTS: Acquired ECTS can be credited in a subsequent bachelor's programme
  • Programme duration: 1 semester
  • Campus: Furtwangen
  • Faculty: Computer Science
  • Programme begins: winter semester (October)
  • Application deadline: 15 July (winter semester)
  • Entry requirements: University entrance qualification
  • Teaching language: German
  • Accreditation: no
  • Get an overall idea There are many programmes at HFU with a computer science component - and we want to give you a taste of all of them! Get to know our lecture halls, labs and lots of new people on the Furtwangen Campus. You'll meet other students and can take your time to decide which degree programme suits you best!
  • Variety with certificate This is a taster course, so your timetable will include a wide variety of subjects: fundamentals of computer science, soft skills, orientation seminars, practicals, excursions and more. Your prep course is completed in one semester and you receive a certificate for it
  • Personal & practically oriented Practical exercises and personal support allow you to learn the basics at your own pace. You can apply the course content later on in your bachelor's degree. We support you in finding the right programme.
  • Relaxed start to your studies After completing your preliminary studies in OI, you can start a bachelor's degree with us straight away. You already know your way around and you'll receive credits for many subjects. That makes your start easier!

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

In the Computer Science Orientation Prep Course, we'll introduce you to many facets of computer science within six months (one semester). You'll study subjects such as "Programming", "Introduction to Business Information Systems and Data Science" and "Computer Graphics" and deepen your knowledge in a practical project module. All of this is supplemented by methodology such as time management and study skills.



During your orientation course, there are also exams as in normal study semesters. But don't worry, it's no problem if you fail something. Everything you pass will be listed on your certificate, which you you receive at the end of the semester. Appropriate courses will be credited for your subsequent studies making it easier for you to get started.

Entry requirements

To apply for the Computer Science Orientation prep course you need a university entrance qualification.

You need either the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), the subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, the entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or a previous qualification recognised as equivalent.

General higher education entrance qualification: Abitur at

  • general grammar schools and comprehensive schools
  • vocational grammar schools and specialised grammar schools
  • vocational high schools
  • colleges as full-time schools
  • evening grammar schools
  • independent Waldorf schools

Subject-specific higher education entrance qualification: school-leaving examination at

  • specialised grammar schools
  • vocational high schools

Fachhochschulreife: school-leaving examination at

  • gymnasien/Fachgymnasien/Gesamtschulen/freie Waldorfschulen after the 12th grade (academic part), a vocational part must also be proven
  • technical colleges
  • vocational colleges and vocational schools
  • evening grammar schools

Did you know that you can even study without an Abitur? If you have completed vocational training and have at least three years of professional experience, you can apply to study via an aptitude test.

Our Central Advisory Service will be happy to inform you! You can reach Victoria Reineck at Email application is started:victoria.reineck@hs-furtwangen.de or by phone: +49 7723 920-2430

What's covered

These subjects will be on your timetable: 

  • Programming: lecture with a practical
  • Introduction to business information systems and data science / academic study skills
  • Computer Graphics: lecture with a practical
  • Project
  • Methodology: computational thinking, self-management and time management, study skills

Download file:OT Study and Examinations Regulations (SPO)

OT module descriptions:

Special features

  • Easy start with personal support
  • Advice on future plans and the choice of degree programme
  • Exchange with other students will help you find your way
  • Easier foundation studies, as you no longer have to complete credited modules
  • Get to know university life and acquire important skills for successful studies
  • State-of-the-art facilities at the Furtwangen University campus
  • Wide range of media in the HFU libraries

Take your credits with you!

ECTS that you earn in your orientation semester in Computer Science can be credited to a subsequent bachelor's degree programme, provided they are relevant to your subject.

Pre-semester course - a semester to try things out (I15552)

The Computer Science Orientation Prep Course is funded by the Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching.

  • Pre-semester course - a semester to try things out (I5123)

A joint effort

The Computer Science Orientation Prep Course is jointly offered by the Faculties of Internal link opens in the same window:Computer Science, Internal link opens in the same window:Business Information Systems and Internal link opens in the same window:Digital Media. This gives you the opportunity to discover the different areas in which computer science is taught. You can find out whether you want to take "pure" computer science, in combination with business, or as a tool for creating media – with our programme you can discover your interests and shape your future!


HFU is one of the strongest research universities in Baden-Württemberg. In many research projects we are working on answers and solutions to highly topical questions.

Internal link opens in the same window:To the current research projects

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