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Business Information Systems - Business Data Science

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Data is the treasure of our time. Many companies still don't really know how to collect and utilize this valuable asset... and that's where you are needed as a business IT specialist! In this new degree programme, you'll learn how to manage big data, improve business processes and use AI to make ideal decisions for companies.

  • ECTS: 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration: 7 semesters
  • Campus: Furtwangen
  • Faculty: Business Information Systems
  • Programme begins: summer semester (March), winter semester (October)
  • Application deadline: 15 January (summer semester), 15 July (winter semester)
  • Entry requirements: university entrance qualification
  • Teaching language: German
  • Accreditation: yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)
  • The best of both worlds You'll gain both technical and business knowledge. You'll learn how to find suitable use cases for companies, develop AI models and IT processes and successfully manage and support these change cases.
  • We're softies too In addition to technical knowledge, we also train you in soft skills such as communication, teamwork, conflict resolution and assertiveness enabling you to implement projects successfully!
  • Get your hands on a coveted certificate? As an added bonus, you can obtain the "SAP TS410" certification during your studies with us - an official, internationally sought-after SAP certificate of competence that will make you even more attractive to future employers.
  • Sometimes nerd, sometimes management Your course offers everything from programming to economics, from business intelligence to databases, from logistics to software engineering. You'll never get bored with us!

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

Do what you feel like

In the first three semesters, we take care of business information systems basics. Then you're off to your practical semester - where you can apply your knowledge straight away. By then, you'll probably have found an area that particularly interests you. You can put together your own course content with our electives (WPVs).


WPVs, i.e., electives, are your ticket to an individual programme. We offer you topics such as Data Management, Information Retrieval / Search Engines, SAP Business Warehouse on HANA, or "Industrial Analytics" workshop...

To the list of our WPVs in the current semester

Study regulations

And the list of abbreviations continues. The Study and Examination Regulations (SPO) are also important for you. They contain a detailed description of all lectures (modules) and the learning outcomes.

Download file:To the WID SPO

The trainee tip

If you would like a study programme that offers particularly good insights into your future career – and above all,  if you would like to earn money in a permanent job while you are studying, then our trainee study option could be something for you! It's best to get personal advice on this. You can find our contact addresses at the bottom of this page.

What's included

WID Study and Examination Regulations:

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Your career prospects

Expertise in demand

With the WID degree programme, you can enter a wide range of industries. You will solve problems in the fields of IT, logistics, finance, health... That's why our graduates are in high demand on the job market. The portal even states: "According to recruiters, the best UAS graduates in Business Informatics come from Furtwangen". And in Germany's largest university ranking (CHE), we are a TOP 10 player!

Faculty of Business Information Systems

At the Faculty of Business Information Systems we offer you two exciting subject areas in one – our degree programmes combine aspects of business administration with computer science – making our students sought-after experts in digitalisation and cutting-edge areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, mobility, robotics automation and sustainability.

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HFU is one of the strongest research universities in the country. We have a dedicated research focus on computer science. Here you can find the current Internal link opens in the same window:research projects at HFU.

WID Study and Examination Regulations:

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Faculty news


We're happy to advise you on our study programme.

Your key contacts

  •  Prof. Dr. Peter Schanbacher
    Prof. Dr. Peter Schanbacher Dean of Studies
    Business Information Systems - Business Data Science (BSc)
    Business Information Systems (BSc) discontinued
  •  Katharina Senk-Klumpp
    Katharina Senk-Klumpp Faculty Manager