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Interdisciplinary pros

An innovative degree programme for anyone who is interested in applied computer science and wants to combine this with media technology, media business and media design. We prepare you in the best possible way for a job at the interfaces of the various digital media. We show you the complexity and interplay of the various disciplines – and let you specialise in an area of your choice!

  • ECTS: 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration: 7 semesters
  • Campus: Furtwangen
  • Faculty: Digital Media
  • Programme begins: winter semester (October), summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline: 15 January (summer semester), 15 July (winter semester)
  • Entry requirements: university entrance qualification
  • Teaching language: German
  • Accreditation: yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)
  • Study the original We were the first in Germany to offer this programme. And we still have our feel for trends today - we give you the best possible preparation for the dynamic professional field of media and computer science.
  • Tailored for you With us, you get both an overview and specialisation in one degree programme. We develop your professional, methodological and communication skills!
  • Beyond your four walls Media IT specialists work in an interdisciplinary way. That's also how we train you - we get you fit in the areas of conception, design and realisation of digital media.
  • For media fashionistas Our media labs at the Furtwangen campus offer you high-end equipment. We have the greatest fun ourselves, always staying up to date and trying everything out!

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

Our aim is to offer you a holistic view of digital media. That's why we provide you with a solid foundation of comprehensive basic know-how in digital media production, enabling you to plan perfectly and argue competently and reliably with business partners later on. 

Thanks to the many options available, you can tailor your studies to your individual interests so that you have the right qualifications for your desired profession when you start your career. 

So that you can put your knowledge into practice right from the start, the third semester is a practical semester in which you try out computer science, technology and business under real-life conditions. Possible employers include internet application developers, computer graphics/animation agencies, audio and video studios, broadcasting companies, publishing houses, education departments and many more...

Foundation courses

In the foundation course, you'll first learn the basics of computer science, programming, computer graphics and interactive systems as well as user experience design, media technology and media design. These are accompanied by various STEM courses.

Internship semester

The practical semester in the third semester of the curriculum offers you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in a company relatively early on in your studies. The aim is to understand how the various aspects of media design interact and to understand methods and applications of digital information processing.

Project work

The fourth and fifth semesters are dedicated to projects. Together with your interdisciplinary team, you will solve a complex task over the course of a year, from conception to implementation. Here you will learn further important qualifications – social skills, teamwork, the ability to accept criticism and learn, flexible problem solving, as well as task sharing and delegation or the assumption of responsibilities. Some of the tasks come from companies, from the faculty or from yourselves. You will present your final product to an audience on Media Day, our faculty's showcase.

Advanced courses

Here it gets even more exciting! We deepen your knowledge of digital media production and the corresponding product management, computer graphics and software design. Of course, distributed applications and communication systems are also included. And you can choose your own individual focus from our elective modules, for example in game development, audio and video production, 3D animation, web development...

Semester abroad

We recommend all our students to spend a semester abroad at one of our partner universities worldwide. The sixth semester is particularly suitable for this, as it consists almost exclusively of compulsory elective courses. This allows you to study exactly what you are interested in abroad and have it recognised with prior approval. So, pack your bags – you won't regret it!

MIB specifics

The Bachelor's in Computer Science in Media is designed to provide you with a solid foundation of basic knowledge in as many areas of digital media production as possible. This will enable you to plan better later on and also argue competently and reliably to customers and partners. Thanks to the many elective options, you can still tailor your studies to your individual interests so that you have the right qualifications for your desired profession when you start your career.

What's included

Your career prospects

The combination of fundamental knowledge and your specialisation makes you the perfect link between the conception and implementation of innovative media applications as a Computer Science in Media graduate. Your expertise is particularly in demand in areas such as 3D visualisation and simulation, game development, web development as well as media and project management!

Incidentally, many of our graduates have successfully set up their own businesses. At HFU, students who want to start their own business not only receive advice, but also support with state-of-the-art equipment and office space. Take a look at our start-up lab.

Still want more?

Got your bachelor's in your pocket, but your thirst for knowledge is not yet quenched? Then why not do a Master of Arts or Science at our faculty?
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Faculty of Digital Media

Something new is created when the tried and tested is questioned and rethought. This is still practiced today at the Faculty of Digital Media at Furtwangen University. Whereby "old" in this context can be yesterday's innovation.

As one of the leading faculties for future media experts, we open the door to the world of media for our students. We educate young people who are curious and highly motivated. Who not only understand theory in depth, but also want to put it to the test in practice.

Find out more about the Faculty of Digital Media (DM)

Furtwangen University is one of the strongest research universities in the country. We have a dedicated research focus on computer science and media.  We find solutions for forms of information and communication that are specially tailored to people and their intellectual, auditory, tactile and visual needs.

Current HFU research projects

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Your key contacts

  •  Prof. Dr. Ullrich Dittler
    Prof. Dr. Ullrich Dittler Vice Dean Academics Faculty of Digital Media
    Dean of Studies Computer Science in Media (BSc)
    Professor for Interactive Media
    Academic Director Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL)
  •  Laura Grieshaber
    Laura Grieshaber DM Administrator
    Student Services (Bachelor)