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More than just "Something to do with media."

Shape our digital future! Innovative ideas are lived at our "DM" faculty; with curiosity and creativity we question the tried and tested (preferably ourselves too). We navigate you safely through the fast-moving world of media. Our bachelor's degree programmes provide you with a sound basic understanding and the ability to recognise trends early on and quickly familiarise yourself with new technologies. With our master's degree progammes, we train media experts whose in-depth knowledge makes them sought-after specialists.

  • Best conditions With cutting-edge facilities, small study groups and individual specialisation options, we offer you the ideal study environment.
  • Up to date and practical Because we offer a very high level of practical relevance, you'll be working on specific projects from the outset and will be able to contribute your personal strengths and interests.
  • Success and career Our graduates are in high demand and many have successfully set up their own businesses. We support business start-ups and have a large network of graduates.
  • Study with the pioneers Our faculty has been around for over 30 years - we're happy to share our experience in assessing trends with you. And even today, we're still often one of the first - currently, for example, in offering a degree programme in Games & Immersive Media.

Mission statement & academics

Powerful concept

The academic concept of the Faculty of Digital Media is based on understanding, designing, developing and critically reflecting on media. To this end, the content of the various degree programmes is continuously adapted and further developed in line with technical, media information, design and economic innovations. A wide range of collaborations with well-known companies ensure that training is practice-oriented and facilitates later career entry. The Faculty of Digital Media has developed a mission statement and guidelines for the various areas of study in order to continue to meet these requirements in the future and to maintain the quality of teaching and the experience advantage over competitors.

Academic study skills

Academic working methods should ensure that the results of a paper are objectively comprehensible for everyone. To this end, sources of information must be disclosed and correctly cited, and the structure and procedure of empirical studies must be described in detail. The basis and facts on which the author builds his argumentation must therefore be clearly recognizable and external research results must be clearly separated from the author's own.

In order to ensure that these aspects are taken into account, students at the Faculty of Digital Media are taught the basics of academic study skills:

  • Independent definition and narrowing down of the topic and research question
  • Ability to plan and structure the work
  • Knowledge of the formal rules of manuscript preparation
  • Researching relevant information
  • Scientific transparency: correct citation and annotation
  • Scientific writing
  • Editorial revision


The bachelor's or master's thesis represents the professionally qualifying completion of the degree progamme. Through the assessment, students demonstrate that they have an overview of the interrelationships of the subject, that they can apply scientific methods and findings and that they have acquired the specialist knowledge required for the transition to professional practice.



The Faculty of Digital Media has laboratories with cutting-edge equipment where you can deepen your knowledge of the lecture content in a practical way. Possibilities range from image processing and the creation of sound recordings to the post-production of entire films.

The faculty's laboratories also offer excellent working conditions in pioneering areas such as immersive media and interactive applications. Interdisciplinary media projects are regularly realised here with our practice partners.

The labs also play an important role in research. The equipment meets the highest standards, which is why they are often used by professors and students for innovative research projects and demanding theses.

Our faculty offers the following labs:

  • Haptic VR Lab
  • Smart Space Lab
  • Games Lab
  • Interactive Media Lab
  • Collaborative Mobile Music Lab
  • Recording Studio
  • Media Synthesis Lab
  • S3D-Postpro lab
  • Post-production Lab
  • Streaming Media Lab / GLFtv
  • Surround control room
  • Studio
  • IT pool

Company collaborations

As a pioneer in digital media, the Faculty of Digital Media researches and develops innovative media products from design to realisation and marketing. This results in a wide range of opportunities for collaboration, both with companies and other organisations. Each partnership is professionally supported by representatives of the faculty, from the initial idea through to implementation and follow-up, in order to enable long-term and successful collaboration.

We offer a wide range of cooperation opportunities that create the best chances for mutual exchange for companies and students: 

  • Practical semester
  • Project work
  • Company presentation on Media Day
  • Excursions
  • Theses
  • Teaching participation
  • Research projects

Are you interested in our company collaborations? Email application is started:Please feel free to contact us

Faculty news


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