HFU is the most popular university of applied sciences in the state

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Student ratings on the Studycheck portal: Furtwangen University scores highly with attractive course content

Satisfaction with colleges and universities in Germany is recorded by the online portal Studycheck, which surveys thousands of students every year. Furtwangen University once again received excellent ratings in this year's evaluation. In first place, HFU is the most popular university of applied sciences ahead of all others in Baden-Württemberg. In the overall ranking of all colleges and universities nationwide, HFU achieved an outstanding sixth place.

"This is a fabulous endorsement of our work. We are delighted that the students recognise the performance of the university, its teaching staff, researchers and academic support services through their excellent ratings," says Andrea Linke, Head of Adminstration of Furtwangen University. The award is all the more remarkable in light of the cyberattack on HFU a few months ago. HFU was up and running again in a very short time and was able to start the winter semester as normal with relatively few restrictions for students.

The popularity of HFU is reflected in the Studycheck ratings, for example in the "Recommendation" category – 96% of all students who rated the university on the portal, put HFU in this category. Students are particularly satisfied with the course content taught at Furtwangen University. The high level of practical relevance, the commitment and personal support of the competent lecturers and the high-quality facilities are also mentioned in many of the reviews.

"This result is a great motivation for us to improve even more," says Head of Administration Linke. "We'd like to thank our students and can only encourage them to always feel free to talk to us in person, as well as using online portals for feedback. We always have an open ear for you!"