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We show you what really makes the web tick. Trends are developing rapidly on the Internet. Insta, TikTok, which new platforms are developing? Marketing, including via influencers, is becoming increasingly important. The big online platforms are not only gaining data, but also influence, and it's difficult for companies to keep track. This is exactly where you come in!

  • ECTS: 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration: 7 semesters
  • Campus: Furtwangen
  • Faculty: Digital Media
  • Programme begins: winter semester (October), summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline: 15 July (winter semester), 15 January (summer semester)
  • Entry requirements: university entrance qualification
  • Teaching language: German
  • Accreditation: yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)
  • Behind the wheel We prepare you in the best possible way so that you can plan and manage the use of online media - whether in the media, industry, retail, an agency or independently.
  • Internet management You will learn professional Internet management in its entirety - from conception to development and implementation. Business models, design, technology - everything.
  • Your area of specialisation All traditional media (film, radio, TV, print) come together on the Internet. This is why the degree programme offers a particularly wide range of specialisations. Find your passion!
  • Real projects During your studies, you will work on "real" projects that come from companies, for example. You'll also be working in teams with students from other disciplines.

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

Foundation courses

The foundation courses lay the foundations for your studies. You'll learn the basics of media design, interactive media/computer science, media management and computer graphics as well as media technology. These are flanked and underpinned by various STEM courses.

Project work

Project work take place in the fourth and fifth semesters. Here, you and your team solve a complex task from conception to implementation. As in real working life, a wide range of qualifications are required to solve the tasks. That's why our project teams are made up of students from the three bachelor's degree programmes: Computer Science in Media, Media Design and Online Media. You can present your work on Media Day.

Advanced courses

In the advanced courses, things become more concrete – internet-specific skills are built up. These include web technologies, interface design and streaming applications as well as e-business, online marketing and online product management. In addition, you can set your own individual study focus with a total of six compulsory elective modules. You can choose from a wide range of specialisations such as marketing, media production, web design and many more.

Semester abroad

The sixth semester is ideal for a semester abroad, as it consists almost exclusively of elective courses. This means you can study what interests you at one of our many partner universities worldwide – and have it recognized by us. We can't make it any easier for you. So take advantage of this opportunity and get to know a new country and a new language – and bring lots of new experiences to your work. You won't regret it!

What's included

OMB Study and Examination Regulations (SPO):

Special features

Our Online Media degree programme is particularly flexible thanks to the choice of specialisations and adapts perfectly to your future plans. In our media labs, you'll be working with high-end equipment and will benefit from the many years of experience of the media experts who will train you. The Internet knows no borders - that's why our teaching and research are internationally oriented. Online Media is taught in small groups with personal support - for the optimum academic success!

Your career prospects

After completing the Online Media degree programme, you will have first-class, crisis-proof career prospects. We provide you with all the skills you need for positions of responsibility in the media industry, in agencies or in industry, or as a self-employed person!

Specialists who also understand the interfaces to other areas - and can cover them themselves in case of doubt - are in great demand. Especially in contact with the customer, you can make well-founded and confident arguments if you can realistically assess what is possible and the amount of effort required. This is the basis for a trusting and successful collaboration.

Thanks to your knowledge of the basic technology used in all sectors of the economy, the entire Internet and media industry will be open to you, as well as other fields of activity such as e-commerce, web development/web design, web entertainment, online product management and marketing or e-media consulting.

Want more?

You have your bachelor's in your pocket, but your thirst for knowledge is not yet quenched? Then why not do a Master of Arts or Science in Media with us!

Faculty of Digital Media

Something new is created when the tried and tested is questioned and rethought. This is still practiced today at Furtwangen University's Faculty of Digital Media. Whereby "old" in this context can be yesterday's innovation.
As one of the leading faculties for future media experts, we open the door to the world of media for our students. We educate young people who are curious and highly motivated. Who not only understand theory in depth, but also want to put it to the test in practice.

More about the Faculty of Digital Media (DM)

Furtwangen University is one of the strongest research universities in the country. We have dedicated a special research focus to computer science and media.
We find solutions for forms of information and communication that are specially tailored to people and their intellectual, auditory, tactile and visual needs.

Current HFU research projects

OMB Study and Examination Regulations (SPO):

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Your key contacts

  •  Prof. Dr. Gotthard Pietsch
    Prof. Dr. Gotthard Pietsch Dean of Studies Online Media (BA)
    Professor for Digital Business
  •  Laura Grieshaber
    Laura Grieshaber DM Administrator
    Student Services (Bachelor)