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Overview with attention to detail

In the Computer Science in Media master's programme, we go from the basics to freestyle –we offer you, as a bachelor's graduate in Computer Science in Media and related fields of study (of course also with initial professional experience!), a continuation and specialisation in your field. We will make you an interdisciplinary professional between modern media production, interaction, media management and algorithmic thinking!

  • ECTS: 90 ECTS
  • Programme duration: 3 semesters
  • Campus: Furtwangen
  • Faculty: Digital Media
  • Programme begins: winter semester (October)
  • Application deadline: 15 January (summer semester), 15 July (winter semester)
  • Entry requirements: Relevant, qualified diploma or bachelor's degree
  • Teaching language: German
  • Accreditation: yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)
  • Get down to business In your three master's semesters, you will learn methods and tools of advanced media informatics, media programming and interaction design, game studies/production and 3D media production.
  • Get into research Master's students can work with us on an application-oriented research project. And if the academic path into research really grabs you, you have every opportunity to stay with us!
  • Write your success story Many of our graduates are very successful in professional life, as developers in the VR/AR or game sector, employees in research projects, as managers in the digital sector or even as freelancers. With your master's degree, all paths are open to you!
  • Here we go in deep In the master's programme, we focus on interaction design, media technology and technologies/applications of networked media production. Of course, digital communication and the development of games are also part of the course content.

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

The first semester of the programme primarily deals with the in-depth basics of the various areas of computer science in media, production and technology. One focus is on interaction design. An interactive application is designed and prototypically implemented in small, interdisciplinary groups. There is also a module in which the basic principles of working in a scientific context are taught. Second semester - the knowledge you have acquired is now intensified through advanced courses, and new subject areas are covered and developed. In addition, you can deepen and apply your knowledge in a larger research project! Over one or two semesters, we give you the opportunity to gain experience and insights into the planning and implementation of scientific research. In the third semester, you will complete a master's thesis on a key topic within six months. The written thesis and the products created are assessed.

Entry requirements

The course normally begins in the winter semester (October), but lateral entry is possible in the summer semester (March).

You apply with a letter of motivation and a reflection on at least three selected pieces of work from your previous studies or professional life.

MIM specifics

Our degree programme is aimed at good bachelor's graduates from the field of computer science in media and related fields of study (e.g. online media, media & information, information sciences), future managers in agencies, industry or media companies and entrepreneurs who would like to become self-employed after completing their master's degree.


What's included

Special features

The interdisciplinarity between modern media production, interaction, media management and algorithmic thinking is lived and experienced every day in the master's programme in Computer Science in Media.

Your career prospects

Many of our graduates are very successful in professional life, for example as freelancers, developers in the VR/AR or game sector, employees in research projects or as managers in the digital sector with technical and/or personnel responsibility.


Our cooperative doctoral programme enables our university graduates to gain further academic qualifications after completing their master's degree.

Faculty of Digital Media

Something new is created when the tried and tested is questioned and rethought. This is still practiced today at the Faculty of Digital Media at Furtwangen University. Whereby "old" in this context can be yesterday's innovation.

As one of the leading faculties for future media experts, we open the door to the world of media for our students. We educate young people who are curious and highly motivated. Who not only understand theory in depth, but also want to put it to the test in practice.

Find out more about the Faculty of Digital Media (DM)

Furtwangen University is one of the strongest research universities in the country. We have a dedicated research focus on computer science and media.  We find solutions for forms of information and communication that are specially tailored to people and their intellectual, auditory, tactile and visual needs.

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Your key contacts

  •  Prof. Dr. Ruxandra Lasowski
    Prof. Dr. Ruxandra Lasowski Dean of Studies Computer Science in Media (MSc)
    Professor of mathematics/computer science
  •  Doris Braun
    Doris Braun Faculty Office
    Master's student service