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For the digital future

Ready to take your technological skills to the next level? Then Computer Science (AIN) is the perfect degree programme for you! Bring codes to life, shape our everyday lives with apps and develop intelligent AI systems. Protect digital networks, personal data and our privacy. Shape the digital future! Computer Science offers you endless possibilities!


  • ECTS: 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration: 7 semesters
  • Campus: Furtwangen
  • Faculty: Computer Science
  • Programme begins: winter semester (October), summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline: 15 July (winter semester), 15 January (summer semester)
  • Entry requirements: university entrance qualification
  • Teaching language: German
  • Accreditation: yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)
  • Outstanding programme AIN has come out top in rankings - study at one of the top addresses! We provide you with both theoretical knowledge and tangible skills you can use to shape the technology of tomorrow and your career!
  • Take a future-proof degree Computer scientists are among the most sought-after specialists on the job market. Start your degree with a job guarantee. Benefit from our diverse cooperations and partner companies.
  • Pick your favourite What interests you most - the world of software engineering or computer networks? After your foundation studies, you choose your area of specialisation.
  • Study Plus, part-time or bilingual Would you like to combine work with study? We offer part-time models. Or a combination with an apprenticeship (Studium Plus). Or a bilingual degree programme.

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

The bachelor's degree programme takes seven semesters. In each semester, you take five modules, which are usually completed with a graded examination. The foundation courses for Computer Science take two semesters, the advanced courses, five semesters.

Your choice

After your foundation level courses, you choose your major – decide between "Software Engineering" or "Computer Networking". This flexibility allows you to be in control of your learning and to tailor your degree to your interests.

Projects and study abroad

In the 4th and 6th semesters, you can gain practical experience in industry projects. You complete the 5th semester as an internship semester in a software company of your choice. If you want, you can spend the 6th semester studying abroad - we'll help you find a suitable university.

And last but not least

Before you are awarded your "Bachelor of Science" degree after your 7th semester, you write your thesis. The last semester is dedicated to this thesis. You choose the topic for your thesis yourself - theses are usually written on a specific subject in a company.

Ready for the 450% experience?

  • 100% Workplace relevance
  • 150% Tech talks
  • 200% Career prospects

AIN specifics

Software Engineering specialisation

Do you want to know how the software that is revolutionising our world works? Do you want to develop new systems and creatively implement your ideas? If it's web applications, apps, programs for industrial automation or cloud computing – in the Software Engineering specialisation, you'll learn about the process of software development from the bottom up.

Modern software technologies and programming languages are the basis for successfully designing and implementing large IT systems. We teach you to understand and master the interaction of the components of complex IT systems – taking quality, security and usability into consideration at the same time.

Computer Networking specialisation

Do you want to explore the secrets of the networked world and help shape the future of network technology? We'll prepare you to define, analyse and secure complex and distributed IT infrastructures. 

Our hands-on approach allows you to apply your knowledge directly in real-life scenarios. Become an expert in setting up and operating efficient, secure and high-performance networks. Do a deep-dive into the concepts and methods of network technologies – work intensively on the design, construction and protection of computer networks and networked systems. And, it goes without saying, you'll also be taking current data protection and network security requirements into account, too.

What's covered

AIN Study and Examinations Regulations (SPO):

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Special features

You decide, we're flexible

You can study Computer Science in a way that suits your interests and life circumstances.

We support you individually from the time you start studying, until your thesis. We ensure a good start to your studies – our Welcome Week, mentoring programme and leisure events make it easy for you to get started.

Computer Science as Study Plus

The Internal link opens in the same window:Study Plus model gives you the opportunity to do two qualifications at the same time – an apprenticeship and a university degree, and the question of financing is also solved, as you are paid a training salary straight away. 

The Study Plus course lasts four and a half years. You will then have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in your pocket, as well as the MATSE (Mathematical Software Developer) vocational qualification.

This combined degree combines theory and practice in an ideal way. Besides the top-class academic qualification, you'll gain in-depth insights into company practice right from the start. This dual qualification gives you excellent prospects on the job market!

To take the Study Plus programme, you look for a company with which you can organise a training contract. You then apply to us for a place on the course. For Study Plus, we work together with companies in the region and with the Donaueschingen Schools of Home Economics and Business (KHS).

Part-time study as additional offer

You can also study Computer Science on a part-time basis – the workload then corresponds to around 50% of a full-time course. You should plan for around 20 hours a week. This means that your studies will take about twice as long.

  • As a rule, you are expected to attend the university two days a week. In exceptional cases (such as block seminars or language courses), there may be more dates.
  • You can apply for part-time study with your application at latest when you enrol. You can also switch between part-time and full-time for the undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.
  • The final semester must be studied full-time, as this is when you will write your thesis.

Your contact for all information regarding part-time studies:
Prof. Dr. Elmar Cochlovius, Phone 07723 920-2326, Email application is started:elmar.cochlovius(at)

Your career prospects

The world is open to computer science graduates. No matter what subject area you are interested in, your job prospects after graduation are excellent. There is a huge demand for highly qualified computer scientists. And you'll also be right at the top when it comes to salary. Our graduates work in well-paid top sectors and have been among the most sought-after specialists for many years.

Further qualification for a Master's

After completing your bachelor's degree, you can advance your qualifications in one of our master's degree programmes. With a Master of Science, you are ideally prepared for management tasks or a doctorate.

I had the best time of my life in Furtwangen. And realised what I wanted to achieve professionally.
Julian Keller, Customer Success Manager, Open Systems, Zürich

The Faculty of Computer Science

Thanks to its rapid development, computer science never gets boring, even later on in your career. We provide you with the specialist knowledge to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions.

Our degree programmes allow you to apply your creativity and open up the highly topical fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, security against hacking attacks and product management. We provide you with the know-how to crack complex problems and find innovative solutions. 

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HFU is one of the strongest research universities in Baden-Württemberg. In many research projects, we are working on answers and solutions to highly topical issues. Computer Science and Media is a dedicated research area. 

From cloud computing and IT security to socioinformatics

We are currently conducting research in six areas of computer science. In the individual research projects, our scientists work closely with partners from industry and business as well as educational institutions. We network our research activities and technology partners across national borders. The published research results attract international attention.

Internal link opens in the same window:To the current research projects

AIN Study and Examinations Regulations (SPO):

Downloads for AIN programme content