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Information Communication Systems

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Take three

Three in one – that's what you get with our ICS bachelor's degree programme! Not only is the course trinational and we work together with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (Brugg-Windisch) and the Université de Haute Alsace (Mulhouse, Colmar). We also focus on triple quality in terms of content and provide you with comprehensive basic technical training in the fields of electrical engineering and IT as well as business and legal expertise.

  • ECTS: 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration: 7 semesters
  • Campus: Furtwangen
  • Faculty: Mechanical and Medical Engineering
  • Programme begins: winter semester (October)
  • Application deadline: 15 July (winter semester)
  • Entry requirements: university entrance qualification, proficiency in French
  • Teaching language: German
  • Accreditation: yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)
  • Would you like a bit more? With ICS, you can choose from the complete range of courses offered by three renowned universities (HFU, FHNW, UHA). You're guaranteed to find the area of specialisation in which you want to deepen your knowledge!
  • The intercultural plus The future demands technical knowledge and international teamwork skills. With the trinational concept of ICS, we train intercultural competence - which pays off on the job market!
  • Work with global players The course is closely interlinked with practice, and right from the start you will have contact with prestigious companies that operate on a multinational level through collaborations.
  • Go university-hopping You can start your studies at any location in the winter semester. After a year, you transfer to the next university so that you have spent at least one academic year at each location.

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

What you can expect from ICS

Information Communication Systems is our trinational engineering degree programme. Here you will become an expert in information and communication technology with a strong intercultural and bilingual focus.

Your universities

The course takes place at the three locations (one academic year each):

  • Germany: Furtwangen University, Furtwangen Campus
  • France: Université Haute Alsace, Mulhouse campus
  • Switzerland: University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Brugg-Windisch campus (Aargau)

Study duration

You collect credits in the form of modules taken (ECTS credits) at each location. Your studies end with a Bachelor of Science degree. In the final semester, you will work on a practical part of your thesis. In this academic paper, you will demonstrate your specialist knowledge on a topic of your choice.

The advisor concept

We have developed an advisor concept for ICS to ensure that you always receive the best possible support in all three areas. Every student has a university lecturer at each location as an advisor and contact person. Your advisor will help you to design your studies with the flexible elective concept according to your own previous knowledge and ideas.

ICS specifics

The primary academic objectives

  • Strong linguistic and cultural experience
  • Broad basic knowledge of mathematics, information technology, electrical engineering and physics
  • Knowledge of the design, assessment and support of information technology equipment
  • Management skills in an international environment

What's covered

Your career prospects

The learning outcomes

In global competition, technology is Western Europe's 'export hit'. This is particularly true for the economically closely networked countries of France, Switzerland and Germany. The technology leadership of this region can only be maintained if companies work together even better across borders. 

In Franco-German cooperation in particular, it is a challenge to find employees who understand both the technology and the language, mentality and culture of the partners. This is where ICS comes in! Our graduates score highly in terms of linguistic and cultural experience and bring with them a broad basic knowledge of mathematics, information technology, electrical engineering and physics. The additional knowledge of designing, assessing and supporting information technology facilities and management skills in an international environment make you urgently needed and highly sought-after specialists!

Your career prospects

Your career is waiting! Your future professional responsibilities in the trinational environment will be in information and communication technology. Besides telecommunications, this also includes electronics, electrical engineering and computer science. Typical fields of activity are: development, project planning, production, service and management.

Mechanical and Medical Engineering

Participate – shape – develop: This is our faculty "MME"! With us, students have many opportunities to gain valuable practical experience. You get the chance to take part in as many projects as you like!

In addition, our students can design their degree programme individually according to their own interests. We lecturers will support you as best we can. We see ourselves as a team, because innovative technical solutions can only be developed together.

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The Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering is actively involved in a wide range of research projects. Students can test their knowledge on real problems right from the start in excellently equipped laboratories. MME students can even work on their theses at the Rottweil Research Center. And, of course, the entire academic path is open to you at the faculty, right up to a doctorate!

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