Mechanical and Medical Engineering

to Why HFU?

Participate - Shape - Develop

This is our "MME" faculty! With us, students have many opportunities to gain valuable practical experience: You get the chance to take part in many projects!

Our students can also design their degree programme individually according to their own interests and lecturers will support you in every way they can. We see ourselves as a team, because innovative technical solutions can only be developed together.

  • Individual support Our lecturers have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In concrete terms, this means that engineers with industry experience get you fit for the job!
  • Personal freedom to develop You can combine your majors to specialise according to your own preferences.Our many electives give you the opportunity to further deepen your own areas of interest.
  • Ideal preparation We promote innovative research into future topics such as mobility and sustainability.These areas require close interdisciplinary cooperation between science and business. We offer you an inspiring environment that prepares you for flexible, new paths!

Mission statement & academics

Sustainability and mobility are our guiding principles

The combination of traditional and very modern, forward-looking degree programmes, as well as the wide range of courses on offer, is what makes this faculty so attractive!

For students - because you have the opportunity to specialise according to your individual interests on the basis of your chosen field of study and thus acquire important interdisciplinary and intercultural skills as a graduate.

For industry - because there is a wide range of specialists among our colleagues who are also able to deal competently with very complex issues (e.g. sustainable solutions for transport mobility, development of economic processes for regenerative products, energy, etc.) and because we can offer your future employees future-oriented training with specialist knowledge as well as intercultural and social skills.

For innovative research - because current future topics require inter- and intradisciplinary cooperation. Consider the basic need of all living beings - to be mobile. This doesn't just mean mobility in the automobile and its further development, it also means activity in daily life (health), as well as virtual mobility. 

By  practising multidisciplinarity in the faculty, we aim to encourage our graduates to think flexibly in an increasingly complicated world giving them the ability to help shape the future! This is our mission!


Our labs:


  • Additive manufacturing
  • Digital Communication & Signal Processing
  • Computer Science Teaching Lab
  • Lighting Technology
  • Medical Device Technology / Cardio Technology
  • Measuring - Testing - Monitoring
  • Measurement technology
  • Robotics
  • Technology laboratory for nano and microsystems
  • Technical programming
  • Materials testing

Collaboration and research

Our research center in Rottweil: Innovative research at a location steeped in history

The Rottweil Research Center was reopened in March 2016. It is located on the premises of the former Rottweil gunpowder factory, a site that was already home to several powder mills during the Thirty Years' War. It offers space for the innovative plasma coating technologies located in the Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering and a hall for mechanical engineering and Industry 4.0 with state-of-the-art robots, automation technology and simulation.

Internships, research projects and theses

In addition to university research with partly international research projects in the field of coatings for medical technology, internships for students of the master's degree programmes in Micromedical Engineering, Advanced Precision Engineering and Technical Physician take place:

  • Coating Technologies internship in the field of plasma coating / plasma activation, and bonding technology
  • Intelligent implants: Practical course on current research on the retina chip from Retina Implant AG

In addition to the internships, the research center's facilities and equipment are available to students on bachelor's degree programmes for coursework, project internships and bachelor's theses.

Students on master's degree programmes are regularly offered exciting topics for research internships as well as thesis work in the fields of coating technology and mechanical engineering/robotics.

Cooperation with schools

There is also close cooperation with the Rottweil high schools. As part of this cooperation, internships are offered for pupils from the Rottweil Gymnasien, in which the teaching content in the field of natural sciences and technology is supplemented with real application content from research and development:

  • Microscopy
  • Plasma treatment and coating
  • Production of hydrophobic and hydrophilic layers using plasma coatings
  • Application of biocompatible layers for the encapsulation of electronic components
  • Measurements on the engine test bench
  • Retina chip experiments

Faculty news


Unfortunately, there are currently no events planned that we can display here. We have compiled an overview of all planned events in the event calendar.