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Business Management and Psychology

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Business Studies with a focus on psychology

The right course for anyone who sees their future in a business environment and also has a keen interest in psychology. Our focus is on practical application. Career prospects are particularly good in fields which require business and psychological theory combined with methodological skills.

  • ECTS: 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration: 7 semesters
  • Campus: Schwenningen
  • Faculty: HFU Business School
  • Programme begins: summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline: 15 January (summer semester)
  • Entry requirements: university entrance qualification
  • Teaching language: German and English
  • Accreditation: yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)
  • Psychology for business Many areas of business administration require a basic understanding of psychology. Understand the processes, deal with business psychology issues, always for practical application.
  • Individuality We offer an innovative learning environment in small groups that is characterised by individual appreciation and high performance standards. Our daily interaction is based on mutual respect, openness and an individual, personal relationship with each other.
  • Future prospects Possible career fields: human resource management, marketing, market research, management consultancy, fund management, product management and much more. After completing your bachelor's degree, you will also be qualified to study for a master's in business administration or psychology.
  • Practice and workplace-oriented Studying with us is very practice-oriented. You will not be prepared for an academic career, but for practical application in a company. You'll be taught exclusively by lecturers with many years of practical experience.

Details of the programme

Programme content and structure

Our Business Management and Psychology degree programme differs from most other (business) psychology degree programmes at universities with its consistently practical orientation. Psychology students at universities, for example, are primarily prepared for scientific careers and therefore deal intensively with mathematics, statistics and the implementation and interpretation of controlled laboratory experiments. There, students are taught by professors who have rarely seen companies from the inside. All our lecturers, on the other hand, can look back on a long career in companies and as a result are very familiar with practical problems. We believe that people who have experienced practice first-hand and have actively shaped it over the years can prepare you in the best possible way for your future practical work. You are encouraged to contribute and work on your own issues, particularly during your advanced semesters.

  • 70% Business studies
  • 30% Psychology

Entry requirements

No special previous knowledge is necessary. You should have had five to seven years of English at school, as the majority - around 90% - of lectures are held in English. The online application for bachelor's degree programmes can be made over the central application platform for the following summer semester from mid-October of the previous year.

If you come from abroad, you must provide proof of German language proficiency at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (e.g. DSH-2 exam, etc.). We have put together an overview sheet with information for foreign applicants.

BMP specifics

We deal with a wide range of exciting and application-oriented content and issues from the interface of business administration and psychology. Here are a few examples to give you a first impression:

  • How do you build a new brand?
  • According to which laws do markets function?
  • How can the suitability of an applicant for certain challenges be reliably predicted?
  • How can empirical research methods be used to investigate the influence of different working conditions on employee satisfaction and productivity?
  • What framework conditions must companies create to enable creativity and innovation?
  • Under what conditions do consumers opt for more environmentally friendly but more expensive products?
  • How can future purchasing decisions be predicted on the basis of user data on the Internet?
  • How do families make decisions about expensive products (e.g. houses, cars, etc.)?
  • How do companies make investment decisions in uncertain times?

This limited list is only intended to provide an initial taste.

What's covered

Your career prospects

Graduates of the BMP course have access to an extremely wide range of exciting and future-oriented career opportunities. These include, in particular, fields in which a combination of business and psychological knowledge, in combination with methodological skills, is required. Whether in marketing, personnel management or the world of numbers and finance, the BMP degree course will equip you for a successful professional career. 

After completing your bachelor's degree with us, you will be qualified for a master's degree in business administration or psychology. You can then go on to do a doctorate.

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