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Your future in business begins here

Great that you've found us. If you want to do "something with business", you've come to the right place. It would be even better if we could get to know each other personally. Because all those students who have already found their way to us have never regretted it - in fact, quite the opposite.

With our bachelor's and master's programmes, we prepare you for your future in international business and offer you space for your personal interests and potential with different specialisations - international business with specialisations in China, the Spanish or French-speaking world, business psychology, business law or in combination with engineering.

  • More than just number-crunching Business requires knowledge of traditional business administration topics such as cost accounting, tax law and statistics. However, we also focus on interpersonal skills which include foreign languages, intercultural skills and the ability to work successfully in a team.
  • Challenging, but together - achievable Studying with us is challenging, but manageable. You'll meet teachers who describe our students as friendly, open and helpful. Respectful and open cooperation is important to us. We offer you many opportunities to get involved in student initiatives.
  • Unlock your individual potential With us, you discover and develop your personal potential and preferences. In the end, it's not about being one of the best, but about making the best of yourself. Almost all our graduates have found their way into international business - in their own way.
  • Not just profit maximisation Companies need to be competitive and make profits. However, global business is also increasingly about making sustainable and ethical decisions in order to preserve resources, and keeping the well-being of people in mind. We prepare you for this, objectively, practically and without ideology.
  • International Business Business takes place globally, which is why we mainly teach in English. You study for a semester at one of our 80 international partner universities, do your internship abroad and learn together with fellow students from around the world. This strengthens your career prospects.
  • You'll like it here Our focus is on performance. But the fact that our students are very satisfied with the HFU Business School and their programmes also makes us happy. This is confirmed by regular student surveys, such as the prestigious CHE ranking where we've been given top rankings for many years.

Mission statement & academics

Learning takes place in small groups. This enables us to work together on practical questions and problems. So we also expect you to play an active role and, as a team player, to be open to the ideas of others.

We rely on open and respectful interaction and expect a high level of performance. This is not always easy, but with a little hard work and a willingness to work with others, most have done well so far.

Successful and responsible students have learned to solve problems independently and together with others. That's why we focus on your ability and potential to deal with challenges yourself right from the start. We'll accompany you in this process, but we won't remove the difficulties.

Our student organisations

Every student is responsible for ensuring that their time at our faculty is a good and successful one. Our student organisations offer a wonderful opportunity to get involved and network with others. It's fun and often leads to lifelong friendships.

    Collaboration and research

    At HFU Business School, we are involved in a wide range of research fields and cooperation projects: 

    Global Virtual Teams: the aim of this field of research is to find out how virtuality and cultural diversity affect the development of communication strategies and increase the effectiveness of teamwork. 

    Monetary economics: We investigate the effects of different monetary policy regimes and monetary policy.

    Consumer neuroscience and psychology: In the field of consumer neuroscience and psychology, we want to decipher the mechanisms of decision-making processes that underlie the interaction between salesperson and customer.

    Digitalisation in companies lean@digital: In the lean@digital project, Furtwangen University and the IMU Institute Stuttgart are working on the topic of digitalisation and change processes in companies on behalf of the Hans Böckler Foundation, with a particular focus on participation.

    China Institute: Our China Institute maintains an extensive network of renowned partner universities and companies active in China. The Business School also makes these contacts and the associated know-how available to a wider public. 

    Research focus on Technology Banking: This field of research focuses on IT innovations in the banking and finance sector and the effects of new technologies in this industry.

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