Details of the programme

Analysis, design and production of auditive media

Details of programme (I946-1)

The MA in MusicDesign teaches conceptual, strategic, reflexive and creative methods of handling music and sound interactively in both real and virtual surroundings. The course has a duration of 3 semesters.

The first semester, taught in German at Furtwangen University, provides a solid foundation in the various areas of music and interaction design, as well as in the physical processes of sound effect and perception. In addition, the most important elements of scientific methods will be taught using specific music design scenarios.

The second semester can be taken either at the Trossingen University of Music or at another partner university offering a master's programme in sound or music design. Courses in this semester further theoretical knowledge and give deep insights into the design and implementation of complex sound and music applications through practical work.

During the third semester, students will write their master’s thesis in either English or German and will be required to defend it in a critical discussion.

Practical application of knowledge

Details of programme (I947-1)

The research or design project is a unique aspect of the MusicDesign master's programme. It gives students the opportunity to gain experience and insights into the planning and execution of various sound and music applications in complex environments over the space of a whole semester.

Students learn to use scientific approaches and methodologies (structure, sourcing of information including citation, preparation and documentation, design and production) on a particular auditive task.

The tasks set are related to the modules of the programme. They can be partial projects of larger research or design projects from the current Digital Media portfolio. It is also possible to take part in cooperative, interdisciplinary projects with our sister programmes, Computer Science in Media and Interactive Media Design. The projects are offered and supervised by one of our professors.

Springboard into the future of auditive media

Details of programme (I9743-1)

Graduates of the MusicDesign programme can look forward to careers in the fields of sound and music design. These range from traditional mass media (music production, film, TV, radio), industrial design and marketing, to interactive media such as web and VR/AR applications in art and entertainment, education and public institutions. Growing awareness for sound offers outstanding opportunities in many areas of the economy. Typical work environments for designers of sound and music are media agencies and company departments which specialize in multimedia publishing, experience design and human factors. Other options are self-employment as a consultant, artist, designer or developer collaborating with private companies and public institutions.

As the next step in their academic career, graduates of the MusicDesign master‘s programme can take a PhD.

Programme content
Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Methodologies of creative and design processes
  • Practical experience in the field of sound design and production
  • Ability to differentiate between acoustic experiences, to analyze them in a structured way and to evaluate their quality critically
  • Reliable assessment of the effect of sound and music in media contexts
  • Principles of interaction between picture, sound and space
  • Fundamentals of audiotechnology and safe handling of standard devices used in digital sound and music design

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Excellent written, visual and auditive communication skills
  • Ability to deal with ethical and intercultural challenges and reflect on social responsibility
  • Career planning skills
  • Academic study skills
  • Ability to reflect in dealings with others, and teamworking, teambuilding and teamleading skills

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Preparation for responsible positions in the design of music and sound environments and media communication instruments in agencies, companies or institutions
  • Entrepreneurial skills preparing graduates for self-employment in one of the above-mentioned areas
  • Preparation for teamwork in or leadership of design teams as interface to marketing strategists, developers, programmers, scenographers, designers and artworkers.