Details of Product Innovation programme

From idea to innovation - success in the marketplace

Various types of expertise are required throughout the innovation process - from marketing and development to production and service. The holistic approach of innovation managers is in high demand particularly at the interfaces of these different areas. That expert could be you. Someone with a good overview of new technologies and methods. Someone who recognizes potential, thinks ahead in planning products and who coordinates the development process right up to the market launch. Besides your technical knowledge, you will also be using your organizational and communications skills.

In our 3-semester master's programme we will teach you the necessary all-round way of looking at things which is the trademark of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering.

Who is this programme for?

This course is aimed at graduates with a technically oriented bachelor's degree such as Business Administration and Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering.

Good reasons to study Product Innovation?

  • Top results in current CHE Ranking; respected university with many years of teaching experience in the area of Business Administration and Engineering
  • Teaching of integrated skills in the area of innovative technologies and innovation management
  • Close links with technology transfer and the research activities of the faculty
  • Programme's "mobility" focus of current importance in business world
  • Small groups and personal support
  • Clearly structured 3-semester study programme
  • Modern labs make practical and workplace-relevant projects possible
  • Intensive, team-oriented learning and research in a one-year project
  • Graduate doctoral opportunities
  • Broad career perspectives and absolute No. 1 in starting salaries according to current Stepstone salaries study

Programme schedule

Normally the programme starts in the summer semester. If there are any study places still available, it is also possible to start in the winter semester where you will take the second semester courses. In the following semester you will take the courses from the first semester. The third and last semester will be taken as normal.


Learning outcomes

General learning outcome

  • Product Innovation and Technology Management | The basis of interdisciplinary engineering means our graduates have a high level of expertise in goal-oriented product innovation and technology management.

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Broad-based engineering skills| Graduates have general engineering knowledge in the areas of product development and production, with a specialization in a current engineering topic (e.g. sustainable mobility).
  • Development and innovation management skills | Graduates can apply the management skills of development and the innovation of technical products.
  • Application-oriented academic expertise | Graduates can apply engineering expertise in development and in application-oriented research.

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Communicative, organizational and social skills | Graduates possess a combination of communicative, organizational and social skills.
  • Teamworking skills | Graduates can function in team in a cooperative and goal-oriented fashion both in their roles as engineers and in leadership positions.
  • Taking responsibility for actions | Graduates can take responsibility for their actions towards people, society, the environment and their company.

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Development, innovation and interface management | Graduates work at the interface between application-oriented research, development and the market in innovation or production management, development or development management.
  • Independent working | Graduates can work alone to take on demanding and wide-ranging employment responsibilities.
  • Leadership | Graduates can accept leadership roles and responsibility.
  • Technical management and innovation | Graduates work in the areas of technical management and innovation.