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What our graduates say

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"As a self-employed scientist, engineer and project manager, I profit from my degree in Business Administration and Engineering at HFU. I enjoyed the time I spent at the university very much - the support of my professors, the friendly atmosphere and the insights into so many different subject areas."
Leonard Sporleder, Founder of Sporleder Engineering GmbH

Goal and performance oriented – the springboard for your career

Our graduates are experts in goal-oriented product innovation, typically in SMEs, due to the sound, interdisciplinary engineering skills they have gained. They can independently develop and realize new and innovative technical solutions in the form of products, services or processes.

Plan and realize innovations

The focus of their work is the comprehensive, goal-oriented planning, design and realization of innovations in the areas of development, design, production, product planning and product management, particularly at the interfaces between these areas. Our graduates are set to take on management positions in technology, development groups and departments, and even top management in the near future.

Doctoral opportunities

With a master's degree, you can take a doctorate at one of our partner universities or a cooperative doctorate through our faculty.

You're in good hands. Top career opportunities

As a graduate of business administration and engineering you will be in high demand in the job market.

  • The JobTrends Study of the Staufenbiel Institute confirms that graduates with a joint degree in business and engineering have excellent starting salaries and career opportunities.
  • StepStone also predicts starting salaries at the top of the scale. In addition, our programme focus "mobility" is one of the top 3 sectors.
  • And not only that - the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering made it into the top group of the current CHE university rankings in the ZEIT.
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Potential career pathways

  • Innovation Management
  • Technology Management
  • Innovation Engineering
  • Technology Scouting
  • Ideas Management
  • Process Management
  • Technology Consulting