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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering (WING)

How much maths is there on the course?

There are maths lectures in the first and second semesters. High school maths (Oberstufe Gymnasium) is generally adequate for these lectures. The Faculty offers a maths bridging course in the week before lectures begin for students of weaker ability.

How much business studies and engineering is taught on each degree programme?

The weighting in each degree programmes can be seen by looking at the number of credit points (ECTS) awarded in the degree programme profiles.

Do I have to do a pre-study internship?

A pre-study internship is a prerequisite for all bachelor's programmes at the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering. The pre-study internship should be carried out before the programme starts, however it can be taken before the start of the lecture period in the 3rd semester. It can be taken in maximum 2 stages. Further information can be found in the Pre-study Internship Information Sheet.

Is there a restricted intake (numerus clausus)?

The grade required depends on the applicant situation and is decided after the application phase. If there is a selection process, this first takes school grades into consideration. However bonus point are also awarded for vocational training, practical activities and work experience, extra-curricular achievements and stays abroad of at least 3 months.


When does the degree programme start?

We accept applications for the programme in the summer and the winter semester.


What is the application deadline?

The application deadlines are:

  • for the coming winter semester: 15 July
  • for the coming summer semester: 15 January

Applications received after these deadlines will not be accepted.

Everything you need to know about applying can be found here.

What application documents do I need?

Please download the Application checklist and send the completed list, with the required documents by post to the HFU Admissions Office. Online application over the portal must be carried out first.

An overview of how to apply to HFU can be found here: Application to HFU

How do I find accommodation?

More information about accommodation can be found here.

Is it also possible to study in a cooperative trainee programme?

It is also possible to take a cooperative trainee programme with a company while studying at HFU. More information on our cooperative trainee programme can be found here.

What are the job prospects like?

Graduates have many career opportunities in industry and in the services sector, where there has been a strong demand for graduates for many years now.
Therefore graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering (WING) have excellent job prospects.

Further information on careers perspectives can be found here: 

Can I take a master's at HFU later?

Graduates can choose between the following two master's programmes offered by the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering:

Do I have to pay tuition fees?

EU citizens do not pay tuition fees for bachelor's programmes at HFU. Tuition fees of €650 per semester are charged for a second degree. Detailed information can be found under: Tuition fees.

Where can I find further information?

Flyers for the study programmes can be downloaded here

Detailed information on content of lectures, teaching staff, study and examinations regulations, pre-study internship, etc. can be found in the WING-Kompass handbook.

Where can I find out more about the Faculty on social media?

Information about daily student life in our Faculty can be found on Facebook and Instagram. We are also active on XING and Youtube.


Can I "try-out" lectures?

Yes. Contact our WING student ambassador by WhatsApp und the following telephone number: 01520 6384182. A student ambassador will contact you and arrange an appointment for you. Or contact us by email: wing(at) to set up an appointment.

Is it possible to get accreditation for courses taken at another university?

Upon application, accreditation for courses taken at other universitsities is decided by the head of the Faculty Examination Board. Application must be submitted within 3 weeks of the start of lectures:

Please follow these procedures:

  1. Initial meeting with the head of the Faculty Examination Board/Dean of Studies regarding procedures and accreditation possibilities.
  2. Head of the Faculty Examination Board/Dean of Studies confirms appointment for submission of application.
  3. Applicant applies for accreditation recognition from each person responsible for the modules which he/she wishes to be accredited.
  4. Submission of application to Head of the Faculty Examination Board/ Dean of Studies. They have the final say regarding the accreditation.
  5. Head of the Faculty Examination Board/Dean of Studies submits application and Notification of Credit Transfer to Examinations Office. Student receives a copy.
Do you have partner universities abroad?

WING alone has 30 partner faculties abroad. Furtwangen University has in total more than 140 foreign partner universities. Click here for an overview of partner faculties and universities

It is not necessary to take a semester abroad, but it is recommended. This can be done during the practical internship semester.


How many students are there in the lectures?

The maximum course size during the foundation studies is approximately 50 students. During the advanced studies there are significantly fewer students in the lectures because students split into one of three specialization areas after completing their foundation level studies.