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What are the course prerequisites?

There are no special prerequisities. You should have an interest in the natural sciences, engineering and biology. Every semester a mathematics bridging course is offered for first semester students, but whether or not it takes place depends on class numbers. If there is enough interest, a chemistry bridging course can also be offered.

What are my job prospects?

The job prospects especially in process engineering in the engineering sector are very good as there is a lack of specialists in this area. You will receive a broad, basic education that will open career pathways in many sectors, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, the environmental sector, plant and equipment assembly, research institutes, etc.

The following are some of the career areas that our Bio and Process Engineering graduates are working in:

(Source: Information given by alumni on XING concerning their current employment.)



medical technology companies

product development engineer, development engineer, research engineer

chemical industry

department manager

process Engineering Factory

sales engineer, process engineer

biotech companies

application specialists, lab manager, researchers

pharmaceutical industry

process engineer, outside sales staff, sales coordinator

research institutes (biomedical, medical technology fields)

doctoral candidates, researchers

foodstuffs industry


quality assurance (in various fields)

marketing, product development

Can I take a master's degree at HFU after I graduate?

The following master's degree programmes offered on the Schwenningen Campus allow you to specialize: Sustainable Bioprocess Technology (M.Sc.), Medical Diagnostic Technologies (M.Sc.) or Technical Physician (M.Sc.).

More information about other master's programmes offered at our university can be found here.

When can I start my degree?

We have both a summer and a winter semester intake for the course.

Application deadline for the following summer semester is: 15 January.

Application deadline for the following winter semester: 15 July.



Are there any admission restrictions?

If there are more applicants than study places, there may be admission restrictions. Furtwangen University allocates study places according to its own selection process.


How many students are there in Schwenningen?

Schwenningen has developed into a vibrant university town in the last few years. Besides HFU (2,300 students), there are two other universities: the Police Academy (1,600 students) and the Cooperative State University of Baden Württemberg (3,000 students).


What sort of support and counselling is available for me while I am at HFU?

From students for students: in summer semester 2017, we introduced a mentor programme in which first semester students are mentored by students in higher semesters who can answer questions and give tips.

Programme coordinator for Bio and Process Technology programme

Tanja Paatsch B. Sc.

  • Academic Counselling for Bio and Process Engineering programme
  • Appointments by arrangement
  • Room: A 3.07

General Academic Counselling

Viktoria Reineck

  • BEST trainer (Career and academic study orientation)
  • Room: A 2.11, Furtwangen

Bafög Counselling

Prof. Ulrike Salat

  • Bafög coordinator on Schwenningen Campus
  • Internship semester coordinator for Bio and Process Engineering programme
  • Room: C 2.08
  • Office hours: Tuesday 10.00 – 12.00

Information for first semester students

English placement test

The language placement test in English is organized and carried out by the Language Center of the HFU. The aim of the test is to ascertain your language proficiency level. The test must be taken by all first semester students! The test is only available online. Click here for more detailed information from the Language Center.

Please make sure you take the test at the beginning of the semester!!! Otherwise you will not be able to take any language courses.Your language level is given immediately following the test. Please note down your language level. Students of Bio and Process Technology must take a course with a minimum level of 6. If you have achieved a minimum level of 7, you can take an additional  foreign language.

Registration for language course/English courses

Registration for and assignment of places in the language courses take place at the beginning of each semester. In our experience the language courses fill up quickly, so it's a good idea to sign up right at the beginning of the registration period.

Because the registration period in the winter semester begins during the first semester orientation, a PC room will be organized for you so that we can help you with the registration.

HFU Account

During matriculation you will receive an HFU webmail address and access code which allows access to the following:

  • "Log on" on all computers in the pool
  • Internet access
  • Own website and user space
  • A personal email address (generally first as a correspondance address particularly within the university
  • Use of licensed software
  • Access to WLAN Access Points on the campus

It is important to use this email address or to forward it to your private address and check it on a daily basis. Important information about examination, current changes, etc. from the university are only sent by email over this address.

HFU Card

The HFU-Card is the ID card for all HFU staff and students. It is your:

  • Student ID card (shows matriculation number)    
  • Electronic key (for access outside official opening hours)
  • Library ID card (valid in all HFU libraries and in the library of the BW Cooperative State University (Dualen Hochschule BW) in Schwenningen
  • Means of payment in all dining halls and cafeterias run by student services (SWFR) in Freiburg, Furtwangen, Kehl and Villingen-Schwenningen

Issue of HFU-Card

The HFU-Card is issued to all newly matriculated students in the Examinations Office/Student Administration Office ( B 0.05) in the first week of lectures

Please note: After re-enrolling every semester, students must update their HFU-Card on the InterCard device located at the Examinations Office/Student Administration Office (B 0.05).

What's important for us

Personal contact with our students is important for us and is one of our teaching strengths. Please feel free to talk to us at any time. We are there for you. Take advantage of the small groups in lectures and participate with constructive questions.

All courses include a self-learning component (generally 1.5 times the contact time at HFU), so it is expected that you will also continue to work at home. Set up learning groups! That will help you a lot and support you in the stressful periods.

We will support you right from the start and look forward to getting to know you.