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Career perspectives (I10576)
"The practical teaching in the Bio and Process Engineering programme is strongly oriented towards industry. This not only gave me the best possible start in my working life, but also helped me in my career. I am happy that I can now, in my teaching position, use my experience to help the current students."
Natascha Salemink BSc, Head of Innovation & Marketing GMP, Testo industrial services GmbH, Kirchzarten by Freiburg

Where can I work as a graduate of the programme?

Biotechnology and process engineering play an important role in many areas of industry, such as health management, nutrition, environmental engineering and chemistry, and these areas are growing steadily. Bioprocesses are also becoming increasingly important in the area of sustainability. So the demand for specialists in the areas of bio and process engineering is well above average.

The broad-based, practical programme means that many and varied career pathways are possible. Future job prospects both at home and abroad are excellent.

Sectors in which our graduates work

  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Chemical industry
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Biotech firms, environmental industry
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Regulatory and approval authorities
  • Consulting companies

Types of work

  • Basic research, applied research
  • Product development, process development
  • Biotechnological and process engineering production
  • Quality control, quality assurance
  • Product management, service and sales
  • Measurement technology and analytics
  • Industrial inspection, environmental monitoring

Alexander Mayer, M.Sc.

Alexander Mayer MSc
Alexander Mayer MSc

Graduate of the Bio and Process Technology degree programme

"Through the teaching of important scientific and subject-specific basics in the Bio and Process Engineering programme, I discovered what I was interested in and was able to go further into this subject in my master's degree. I am currently doing a PhD in Biological Process Engineering at the TU München."

Research assistant, Chair of Biological Process Engineering, Technische Universität München