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Did you know that...

... many forecasts predict that by 2030 the demand for foodstuffs will have risen by more than 30%, the demand for energy by more than 50%, and the demand for raw materials by more than 100%.

... as a result increased and effective use of raw materials from biological sources will play a central role? The value add chain of the raw materials used must therefore be optimized. This means that raw materials will be used for both standard products and for other products made from by-products resulting from this production. Even waste products can be used as material and for energy.

... also for other global challenges such as climate change, energy revolution and species extinction, the majority of technical solutions can be found at the interface between biological sciences and engineering?

… we are working to extract not just oil from sunflower seeds, but also materials for feedstuffs or antioxidants as an additive in vegan cosmetics?

… in the HFU distillery we produce 4 litres of HFU spirit from 40kg of apples from regional orchards (conc. 40 Vol% alcohol)? This is an increase in value of at least 10% over that of loose apples.

Good reasons to take this programme

Details of programme (I20421-1)
  • effective combination of sound principles and their industrial applications
  • direct knowledge transfer from theory to practice in lab and project practicals
  • networking possibilities with potential employers during programme in practical internship semester
  • close-knit study environment - lab practicals in small groups