Double Master's Degree

BAM at Furtwangen University & Computer Science Master's at Linnaeus University

This double degree agreement gives students enrolled in the Business Application Architectures (BAM) master's degree at the Faculty of Business Information Systems at Furtwangen University, the opportunity to receive an additional master's degree in Software Technology from the Department of Computer Science at Linnaeus University (LNU), Sweden.

The double degree programme involves a total of 4 semesters (two years) at HFU and LNU. The total study load is 120 ECTS. For HFU students, the award of the additional degree by LNU requires the successful completion of the agreed academic coursework at LNU of master's modules (30 ECTS) and the master's thesis (in English, jointly supervised, 30 ECTS) together with the completion of the 2 BAM study semesters (60 ECTS) at HFU.

In order to be able to benefit from the Addendum and in addition to the Agreement, students from HFU must meet the following criteria (see also  Download file:EXAMPLE - DOUBLE DEGREE PLAN):

  • is registered as a full-time master's degree student in Business Application Architectures at HFU as the home university
  • has successfully passed all courses and exams in the first and second semesters of studies, equivalent to at least 60 ECTS of the degree programme in Business Application Architectures
  • has studied for two semesters at LNU and completed coursework equal to 30 ECTS and a final master's thesis of 30 ECTS

Upon successful completion of the agreed academic courses, the following degrees will be awarded:

  • Master of Science in Business Application Architectures by HFU
  • Master of Science (120 credits). Main Field of study: Computer Science (Swe: Filosofie Masterexamen. Huvudområde: Datavetenskap) by LNU