Business Information Systems

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The perfect combination of business and computer science

At the Faculty of Business Information Systems we offer you two exciting subject areas in one - our degree programmes combine aspects of business with computer science - and this makes our students sought-after experts in digitalisation and cutting-edge areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, mobility, robotics automation and sustainability.

  • More than just theory Right from the start, your course content is geared towards practice. We not only teach you the theoretical basics, but also apply them directly in specific case studies and practical units. You'll learn in dialogue with each other and in small groups.
  • Praise for quality It's not just our students who are satisfied with us - we've also been praised in rankings by HR managers. "" wrote about WI, "According to recruiters, the best UAS graduates in business information systems come from Furtwangen".
  • Service for students In our notebook clinic, we offer device rental and offer solutions for every problem. We also offer students online learning modules, e.g. for programming. From lab support to semester abroad organisation - we are there for you.

Mission statement & academics

The ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) 2023/2024 once again attests to the best study conditions for the Faculty of Business Information Systems.

The Faculty of Business Information Systems is among the top group in the categories "General study situation", "Support at the beginning of studies", "Completion of degrees within a reasonable time" and "Contact with professional practice". There were also very good ratings for IT infrastructure, technical support and library facilities. The quality, accessibility and completeness of materials for courses and examinations were also rated as above average.

Why are we so successful?

  • We value practical relevance and working on "real" tasks highly
  • We maintain close contact with industry and use the latest technologies
  • Our teaching and learning concept is based on learning in dialogue with each other and in small groups
  • We give students a say, for example in faculty meetings, on committees or in budgeting
  • We are very well networked internationally
  • Our modern facilities include a "notebook clinic"


The Faculty of Business Information Systems has various labs for internships and projects. These are always adapted to current requirements.

  • Data Science for Business - Competence Center
  • Logistics Lab
  • Mobility Lab
  • SAP Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Usability Lab

We also offer various services

  • IT support: Our support service assists with IT questions and problems and advises on the purchase of software/hardware
  • Notebook rental to students of the Faculty of Business Information Systems
  • Notebook clinic: Support for questions and problems with PCs, notebooks, Macbooks
  • Software service for WI students and staff

Collaboration and research

The Faculty of Business Information Systems is a particularly strong research faculty at Furtwangen University. Current topics and problems are dealt with in both publicly and privately funded third-party projects.

Research areas include logistics, business application development, business intelligence and IT management. In addition, the research results are regularly published and presented at national and international conferences and trade fairs.

  • Data Science for Business - Competence Center
    Our Competence Center for Data Science in Business Applications (DSCC) bundles the activities of the Faculty of Business Information Systems in the field of data science. By data science, we mean all types of data analysis, which includes classic business intelligence, statistics, machine learning and other AI methods.
  • PhD cooperation with the University of Plymouth
    We maintain a highly successful PhD cooperation with the University of Plymouth. The PhD students are supervised by PhD supervisors in Furtwangen and in Plymouth. Research results are regularly presented at doctoral seminars in Furtwangen; in addition, annual events of the Collaborative Research Symposium on Security, E-learning, Internet and Networking take place as an international platform.

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