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Business Application Architectures Master: comprehensive (I25967)

Business Application Architectures

Master of Science

Design comprehensive IT and applications structures

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In modern software development an architecture is the prerequisite for the sustainable design of complex IT systems. In planning such architectures, the applications architect plays the same central role as the traditional architect does for buildings: he or she designs a comprehensive IT or applications structure, which is then refined and implemented by others, and oversees its technical execution. This requires a fundamental knowledge of current implementation technology. They also work at the interface between the client and future users to implement their requirements.

The architect therefore requires knowledge from various areas to carry out his or her job. For this reason, students are taught software, systems and business skills in the programme.

The focus of the programme is the development of business applications and their integration into heterogeneous environments. Emphasis is put on current topics, e.g. networking of companies, e-business applications and evaluation of customer information (customer relationship management). An architecture can be both between applications (internal to business and between businesses) and between structures within an application.

Applications architects develop IT applications and consult in the networking and integration of existing systems. Specialization on software and systems architecture in this way is not offered at any other German university. The Business Application Architectures master's programme at HFU prepares students in three semesters in a focused manner for the tasks of an application architect in companies. The programme provides broad-based know-how and know-why.


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  • ECTS 90 ECTS
  • Programme duration 3 Semesters
  • Campus Furtwangen Campus
  • Faculty Business Information Systems
  • Programme begins Winter semester (October), Summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline 15 July (winter semester), 15 January (summer semester)
  • Entry requirements Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems, Computer Science or similar discipline
  • Teaching Language German and English
  • Accreditation Yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)