How do you get your news first thing in the morning?

These days, we're programmed to check our phones for emails and messages the minute that very device goes off to wake us. I take my smart phone and looks for the following sites first like Facebook, Indian newspaper Times of India and then we need to update whats going on around the world also and finally I click BBC app

Which newspaper or magazine do you subscribe to or read frequently? – Print or digital?

Edge, Fitness first magazine, Teradata Magazine, The Economist Newspaper, Financial Times.

Well I prefer Digital because of the following characteristics: Realistic page-flipping effect; Quality Zooming ; Convenient Navigation; Sharing Buttons ; Save as PDF and many related and useful links.

What kind of news websites are important to you?

Well it depends on the individuals hobbies and likings and for me I like Business related news websites as I am studying Business e.g. Forbes, CNN, BBC, Reuters and Economist.

What type of books do you prefer to read?

Thriller, Romance, Fantasy are the type of books I preferred to read like works of Mitch Albom, Notebook, Da vinci code

Which book impressed you the most thus far?

Made in Japan is an autobiography of Akio Morita, the co-founder and former chairman of Sony Corporation. My friend suggested me this book as we used to discuss some ideas and when I read this book I got really impressed. 

Which book is your all-time favorite?

Well I will go for three books Made in Japan, Notebook and Fountainhead.

Which television or radio broadcast do you hardly ever miss?         

I am not big fan of TV or Radio, so I hardly watches or listens these entertainment medias.

It's because we are now using internet in every sphere of life which has filled the gap of TV or Radio.

What kind of tools and apps help you stay informed during the day?

Being International student in Germany I use DB Bahn, Mitfahrgelegenheit for travel planning, Google maps for finding hotels, Restaurants etc, and social medias.

In addition, what type of media or reading habits influence your weekend?

Being far from home country I use to chat my friends and families via social media etc.

And also I use to discuss some Business cases, Issues, Sustainability topic with people around the globe via video conferencing.