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Career prospects

career perspectives Medical Diagnostic Technologies (I221-1)

The multidisciplinary approach of Precision Medicine Diagnostics as well as the focus on developing expertise rather than pure technical knowledge offers the graduates entry into a broad range of occupational fields in the growing market of healthcare and beyond.

Clinics, hospitals and large medical care units:
diagnostics, personalized medicine, research and development, planning and coordination of clinical trials, patient stratification, companion diagnostics, experimental and clinical pharmacology
Medical laboratory units:
diagnostics, research and development, supervision of small laboratories, project management
Pharmaceutical industry:
quality control, hygiene monitoring, research and development, project management, supervision of small laboratories, product management and sales
Food industry:
quality control, hygiene monitoring, product management and sales
Research institutes, universities:
research and development in the field of natural sciences, companion diagnostics, project management, design, execution and documentation of experiments
Government authorities and public services:
diagnostics, hygiene monitoring, quality control