Details of programme

Analysis, design and production of interactive media

The Master in Interactive Media Design teaches planning, creative, reflexive and strategic skills in the design of interactions with digital products and virtual environments.

First Semester

In the Interaction design module, students work in interdisciplinary teams to plan, design and implement as a prototype, innovative interfaces and interaction options. In addition, the most important elements of academic work methods and writing are looked at in more depth using concrete design topics. The research and design project can be spread out over the first semester in the form of a preparatory course. Alternatively an elective module with specialist content can be taken.

Second Semester

A broad range of research and design projects makes it possible to research applied themes and to realize complex projects using interdisciplinary methods. Interactive audio and video projects, and courses in game development and business complete the second semester course curriculum.

Third Semester

During the third semester, students will write their master’s thesis and will be required to defend it in a critical discussion.

Design project as elective

The research or design project is a unique aspect of the Interactive Media Design master's programme. It gives students the opportunity to gain experience and insights into the planning and execution of a design project over the space of a whole semester.

Students learn to use academic approaches and methodologies (structure, sourcing of information including citation, preparation and documentation, design and production) on a task in the field of interactive media design.

The tasks set are related to the modules of the programme. They can be partial projects of larger research or design projects from the current Digital Media portfolio. It is also possible to take part in cooperative, interdisciplinary projects with our sister programmes, Computer Science in Media. The projects are offered and supervised by one of our professors.

Springboard into the future of audiovisual media

The broad range of theoretical and practical knowledge gained in the Interactive Media Design master's programme, means graduates have broad career pathways and excellent perspectives in a varied job market. This could be in management positions in media agencies or companies involved in the planning, design, research and production of trend-setting interfaces and interactions with digital products and virtual environments. The fields of game design and the development of interactive audio and video productions also offer outstanding opportunities.

Doctoral Opportunities

After completing your master's degree it is possible to gain a further academic qualification by taking a PhD.

Programme contents