Microchip Removal and free-formed Surfaces Lab (LMF Lab)

With Prof. Dr. Ing. Bahman Azarhoushang's appointment to the professorship of manufacturing engineering, a  new high profile area of research focus "ultraprecision machining", is being set up at the university. This is in line with the three key technologies, "Production engineering", "Microsystems engineering" and "Nanotechnology", which have been identified in the high-tech strategy of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The new research focus strengthens the existing efforts of the work group towards application oriented research in the area of production and offers the far-sighted opportunity to contribute with new scientific insights to the two other key technologies .

The "Microchip Removal and free-formed Surfaces Lab" is an integral part of KSF.

The Kern Pyramid-Nano which was funded by the DFG and the state of Baden-Württemberg is a fundamental part of the laboratory.


  • High precision machining centre Pyramid Nano, Kern
  • High performance surface grinder Micro-Cut AC8 CNC, Elb
  • High performance surface grinder FS 126 CNC, Gühring
  • CNC Cylindrical Grinding Mashine HG 204S, EMAG
  • Superfinish machine LCM 2000 Plus, Supfina
  • Milling centre R4530, Müga
  • CNC lathe, Gildemeister, N.E.F CT20
  • Laser system with nanosecond laser, Rofin-Sinar / Isel
  • Laser system with picosecond laser, Trumpf
  • Laser system with femtosecondlaser, Trumpf
  • 3D-Drucker nach dem Selektiven-Laser-Sinter-Verfahren (SLS), Sintratec
    Measuring Equipment
  • Roughness, profile and angular momentum device Hommel-Etamic T 8000, Jenoptik
  • Form measuring device Hommel Etamic F50, Jenoptik
  • Process control AE6000, Dittel
  • Confocal microscope µsurf mobile, Nanofocus
  • Digital microscope VHX 5000, Keyence
  • Thermal imaging camera ImageIR 8300, InfraTec
  • Multi-component force measurement system, Kister, available in various sizes incl. rotating cutting force dynamometer

Measuring equipment

  • Rotation speed control counter
  • Power measuring device
  • Durometer
  • Hommel Tester T1000 wave
    Mobile device for roughness, undulation and profile measurement
  • Mobiles Gerät zur Rauheits-, Welligkeits- und Profilmessung
  • Mitutoyo SJ-210 Surftest
    Mobile device for roughness and profile measurement

Fixtures, apparatus, tools and devices

  • Dresser (Kaiser)
  • Ultrasound-assisted dresser
  • Minimum specified cooling system
  • Portable microscope with USB camera
  • Dresser (KW-Abrichttechnik)