• High precision machining centre (Pyramid Nano, Kern)
    • High performance surface grinder (ELB Micro-Cut AC8 CNC)
    • Surface grinder (Geibel and Hotz)
    • CNC Cylindrical Grinding Mashine (EMAG HG 204S)
    • Superfinish machine (Supfina LCM 2000 Plus)
    • Milling centre (Müga R4530)
    • CNC sliding head lathe with bar stock (Star SR20RIV-B)
    • CNC sliding head lathe (Maier ProLine)
    • Wire erosion machine (Mitsubishi MP1200)
    • CNC lathe (Gildemeister N.E.F CT20)
    • Laser system with nanosecond laser (Rofin-Sinar / Isel)
    • Laser system with picosecond laser (Trumpf)
    • Laser system with femtosecond laser (Trumpf)
    • CNC 3-axis laser processing system ISEL
    • Cutting machine (Ihle IB2)
    • 3D printer with Selective Laser Sintering process (Sintratec)

    Measurement technology

    • Roughness, profile and angular momentum device Hommel-Etamic T 8000 (Jenoptik)
    • Form measuring device Hommel Etamic F50 (Jenoptik)
    • Process control AE6000 (Dittel)
    • Confocal microscope µsurf mobile (Nanofocus)
    • Digital microscope VHX 5000 (Keyence)
    • Thermal imaging camera ImageIR 8300 (InfraTec)
    •  Multi-component force measurement system (Kister)
      available in various sizes incl. rotating cutting force dynamometer
    • Coordinate measuring machine Mahr MS 222

    Further measuring devices

    • Rotation speed control counter
    • Power measuring device
    • Durometer
    • Hommel Tester T1000 wave
    • Mobile device for roughness, undulation and profile measurement
    • Mitutoyo SJ-210 Surftest
    • Mobile device for roughness and profile measurement

    Fixtures, apparatus, tools and devices

    • Dresser (Kaiser)
    • Ultrasound-assisted dresser
    • Minimum specified cooling system
    • Portable microscope with USB camera
    • Dresser (KW-Abrichttechnik)

    Microchip Removal and free-formed Surfaces Lab (LMF Lab)

    With Prof. Dr. Ing. Bahman Azarhoushang's appointment as Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, a  new high profile area of research focus "ultraprecision machining", is being set up at the University. This is in line with the high-tech strategy of the state of Baden-Württemberg which defines three key technologies: "Production engineering", "Microsystems engineering" and "Nanotechnology". The new research focus strengthens the existing efforts of the work group towards application-oriented research in the area of production and offers the far-sighted opportunity to contribute with new scientific insights to the two other key technologies.

    The "Microchip Removal and free-formed Surfaces Lab" is an integral part of KSF.

    The Kern Pyramid-Nano which was financed by the DFG and the State of Baden-Württemberg is a crucial component of the lab.

    Machines in the LMF Lab:

    • High precision machining centre (Pyramid Nano, Kern)
    • Wire erosion machine (Mitsubishi MP1200)
    • Laser system with picosecond laser (Trumpf)
    • Laser system with femtosecond laser (Trumpf)
    • Laser system with nanosecond laser (Rofin-Sinar / Isel)