Job description and career prospects

Career perspectives (I4613-1)

Graduates of the Business Management and Psychology degree programme are prepared for a vast range of exciting, future-oriented career pathways, particularly in sectors where a combination of business and psychology paired with methodological skills is highly sought after.

The most important sectors include:

  • Human resource management in organizations
  • Market research (in organizations or in relevant market research institutes)
  • Management consultancy (personnel consultancy, process consultancy, strategic consultancy, marketing agencies)
  • Fund management
  • Professional development (within organizations or in external further education organizations)
  • Scientific, applied research in universities or other research facilities and institutes
  • Product development/product management (e.g. related to usability applications, design, human-computer interaction).

While we prepare our students to work in any of these sectors, our aim is not to provide all-encompassing qualifications, but to allow students to customize their degree according to their own individual abilities and preferences.