Quick guide

How do I apply for a study place?

Quick information

  1. Register on: www.hochschulstart.de
  2. Fill out the online application
  3. Print the application form and the check list
  4. Send the application form and all required documents by post to the Admissions Office of Furtwangen University

Detailed information

  1. Register on hochschulstart.de (giving personal contact details such as address, place of birth, date of birth, etc.). At the same time you set up a user name and passwort so that you can log into the system again at any time.
  2. You receive your "Applicant ID" and an activation link by email in order to complete the registration.
  3. Now register on hochschulstart.de with your user name and password.
  4. Under "Studienangebote" enter Furtwangen in the "Hochschule" box and under "Studienfach" enter Product Engineering. Then click "Suchen".
  5. Das Studienfach Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen – Product Engineering der Hochschule Furtwangen wird angezeigt.
  6. In the table on the right click on "Aktion".
  7. Under the heading "Informationen bei postalischer Bewerbung" you will see the link to the Application checklist. Open the link in a new window and print this checklist out. You will need the checklist later when you send your documents by post.
  8. On the original page, scroll down and click on "jetzt auf hochschulstart.de bewerben".
  9. Now you can prepare your application in the application form which appears (upload university entrance qualifications and enter selection criteria details, etc.).
  10. You can first store the application so that you can add additional information at a later point, or you can send your application right away by clicking "speichern und weiter zur Abgabe gehen“.
  11. Print the completed application form and send it with the completed checklist to Furtwangen University. The checklist has the address of Furtwangen University printed on it which you can use for your window envelope to send the letter.


Application checklist for Bachelor's programmes
(Please use this checklist as a cover sheet for your application!)