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Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering

Established, innovative and continually growing

Over 650 students are currently gaining recognized, workplace-relevant know-how at the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering supported by our experienced teaching and administrative staff. As a result our interdisciplinary faculty is not only one of the most successful, it is also one of the most prestigious, as feedback from industry, services providers and university rankings demonstrate.

What makes the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering stand out from the crowd?

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First and foremost the interdisciplinary orientation; the combination of engineering, business and communication skills. Graduates of our faculty have synthesized engineering know-how and economic reasoning skills with the ability to communicate content. Our degree programmes combine three important areas: engineering and natural sciences; business studies and; information management, soft skills and foreign languages. Our faculty provides a comprehensive overview of engineering, management and customer-oriented communication.

Further information on our faculty and our facilities can be found here.