The idea behind TREFFER

The idea behind TREFFER (I13256-1)

TREFFER – Training Erfolg Fordern Fördern

The TREFFER team supports successful studies at the Faculty of Computer Science. TREFFER-IN, originally a temporary 5-year project, has now become a permanent service of the Faculty of Computer Science. Cornelia Kellermann and her team coordinate all extracurricular offers of the Faculty and develop individual student support initiatives. TREFFER also offers student counselling with regard to study organization and planning, as well as the analysis of academic performance and appropriate measures which should be taken.

The Dean, Prof. Dr. Rezagholi, Deans of Study Prof. Dr. Betermieux and Prof. Dr. Thiel, and the Vice-Dean Herr Hollunder, as well as Frau Kellermann, Frau Kugele and Frau Matthes, all work together closely in the TREFFER team.

Activities appropriate to the course and new initiatives are evaluated using questionnaires and interviews. Close contact with students to determine their needs is important for the TREFFER team.

Who is TREFFER for?

TREFFER is aimed at all students in the Computer Science (AIB/AIN), IT Product Management (ITP), Computer Networking (CNB) and Software Product Management (SPB) programmes.

What does TREFFER have to offer?

Information: TREFFER is an information and skills centre which coordinates all extracurricular offers of the Faculty of Computer Science and as such develops individual, sustainable support initiatives.

Advice: TREFFER offers students who need it, help with academic organization and planning as well as an analysis of the academic performance. TREFFER is also the contact for all faculty and HFU offers.

Support: TREFFER organizes innovative and motivating training courses to support students. It offers a platform for academic and social exchange and encourages students to become actively involved as mentors or tutors and to develop their skills at various levels.

Innovation: TREFFER goes out of its way to create an optimal learning environment for students of the Faculty. Soft skills training courses, innovative teaching and learning methods and challenging mentoring projects, activate and motivate students on their way to achieving their degree.

Networking: TREFFER coordinates existing offers of the Faculty of Computer Science and HFU with the interests and wishes of the students, the professors and the teaching staff, as well as with contacts in the business world. An optimal study environment leads to highly qualified IT recruits for future employers. And interesting initiatives in the foundation studies give students an idea of how they can actively work together with companies when they reach higher semesters.