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Our "ITE" faculty on the Tuttlingen Campus is something very special. At HFU, all subject areas are taught with a lot of practical relevance - but on the Tuttlingen Campus you benefit from a special proximity to the companies in the region. From the outset, you will experience collaboration with industry in many practicals, will work in company laboratories and make important contacts for your future career. At "ITE", we our degree programmes focus on current future-oriented topics. Digitalisation and technologisation, smart materials, medical technology, energy transition, sustainability and human-machine interaction are just some of the exciting topics that will help you shape the future.

  • Totally your thing Many of our degree programmes have an interdisciplinary structure and offer you the opportunity to choose your profile. We also offer you many flexible options for combining training and studies at the same time.
  • Research up close In addition to labs with cutting-edge equipment, the Tuttlingen Campus also includes the Innovation and Research Center (IFC), where work is carried out on the latest scientific topics.
  • Special support On the Tuttlingen Campus, there is special support, special funding and special rooms for those interested in founding a company - the best support for your start-up!


Digital boards, online solutions and well-equipped laboratories are standard on the Tuttlingen Campus. The campus not only leads the way in Germany with its model approach, but also in terms of equipment and teaching methods.

Top laboratories on campus

The laboratories on the Tuttlingen Campus offer students every opportunity to deepen their theoretical knowledge in practice. If companies are interested in working together or in joint research projects, please contact the laboratory manager, Walter Keller, directly.

Industrial laboratories in the companies

These are only available on the Tuttlingen Campus. One approach to collaboration with companies is to use the labs directly in the companies and training facilities. Study with various world market leaders!

Our laboratories

  • 3D
  • CAD and computer science
  • Electrical engineering
  • Digital electronics and microprocessor technology
  • Materials technology
  • Physics
  • Measurement and control engineering
  • Industrial laboratories
  • Engineering Psychology/Human Factors Laboratory

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