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Graduate testimonials

Graduates of the Faculty of Computer Science have excellent career opportunities. Nearly all land an attractive job right after graduation. The Faculty of Computer Science has enjoyed an excellent reputation for many years. This is in part due to the enthusiasm and involvement of our graduates who represent the quality of our Faculty in the workplace.

Kevin Hetzel

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Product Manager Cloud Solutions
M&M Software GmbH, St. Georgen

The Software Product Management programme at Furtwangen University teaches the fundamental principles of computer science and the core competences needed for project and product management, marketing and sales, and moderation and communication, as well as languages and social skills. As a result, the course was not only varied, but also prepared me in the best possible way for my career start as a product manager with M&M Software in St. Georgen. This range of skills is essential for product managers who work at the interface between development, marketing, sales and the customer. I enjoyed my student life not just because I was able to develop personally, but also because I made some really good friends.

Software Product Management Graduate, 2017

Johannes Hunn

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Technical Manager,
Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG, Freiburg

The Mobile Systems master's programme in the Faculty of Computer Science at HFU was the right decision for me. The degree allowed me to start working right away after graduating and to take on a lot of responsibility in the company. This wouldn't have been possible with a bachelor's. Through the master's degree I was able to become more professional in my way of working and the methods I use.

Mobile Systems Master's graduate, 2017

Ralf Müller

Project Leader Software Development at S.Siedle & Söhne OHG

The Master of Mobile Systems programme strengthened and expanded my previous Information Technology knowledge and experience. With the focus on future-oriented topics such as "Smart Home", "Ambient Assisted Living" and "Assistive Systems" from the area of autocommunications, current topics from Digital Mobility, the Internet of Things and Mobile Computing were looked at, investigated and discussed. To do so, small groups were formed to increase the learning effect for each member of the project while benefiting from teamwork. In the early stages of my work as a project leader there were already recognizable similarities and interfaces with the topics we worked on, which of course gave me an ideal start in my career.

Mobile Systems master's graduate, 2016

Dominik Jung

Besides the theory we learn as a student at the Faculty of Computer Science at HFU, I also found the strong emphasis on teamwork and soft skills especially good. Right at the start of the first semester we were divided up into groups of 8 and each group was given a small software project to carry out. The aim was not for the groups to complete the (for first semester students rather demanding) task perfectly, but rather for the group of students who didn't know each other well, to form a unit to work together and grow. In this way we became friends, achieved our goals and it formed an important basis for academic success and our later working life, where nowadays teamwork is essential.

Bachelor of Computer Science graduate, 2016

Linda Hagen

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Professional IT Consultant
doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH –  unser Partner im Industriebeirat

With my degree in Software Product Management I had the perfect basis for a career as an IT Consultant at doubleSlash.

The lectures gave me the necessary fundamentals of Information Technology - in programming as well as requirements and software engineering. At doubleSlash I can deepen this know-how and implement it in a practical way in my daily work as an IT consultant.

During my studies I was already fascinated by approaches to business processes and the resulting modelling and search for solutions. Even today I still use what I learned almost daily in our customer projects. In particular I see again and again how important the interface function of a consultant is, in order to achieve a mutual understanding between the specialist area and the IT involved.

Software Product Management graduate, 2015

Stefan Eggert

M&M Software GmbH, St. Georgen

The Master in Computer Science programme gave me a very good start in the academic subject, without neglecting practical aspects. We also dealt with current topics in the lectures and were given interesting, current topics for the practical work, although here it was always possible to make your own suggestions for topics.

Generally, the choice of modules was an important reason why I chose this programme. Many of the topics and technologies we dealt with are part of my everday work now. What was also very good were the professors. They gave us the relevant know-how for a career in science or in industry and it was always possible to sit with the professors to discuss and clarify questions or problems.

Today I work for M&M Software GmbH in St. Georgen. I began there as a software developer directly after graduating from the master's programme. I work in the areas of Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Computer Science master's graduate, 2015

Perihan Özacar

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Product Management Connected Car Service Realization & Integration / Research & Development, Daimler AG

"The reason why the Software Product Management programme is so exciting is because you learn about two completely different worlds and become the interface between them. What I found especially good was the high level of practical work, as well as the supervision in small groups. The campus is quite colourful, edgy and full of life. At the University you develop team spirit and good relationships. As a result you have a friendly atmosphere and that's what makes Furtwangen a special place to study. We are very well-equipped to deal with the new things to come. It's up to us to make the best of it."

Software Product Management graduate, 2015

Uwe Siegwart

Team leader IT at Schlote-Gruppe

The time I spent at university studying to be a software product manager was time well spent and helped me develop as a person, too. What really helped me when I started working was the practical nature of the course content, the challenging semester projects, the professors and lecturers who really knew their stuff and the interesting practical modules. The Furtwangen University slogan "Reach new heights" is something which actually applies every day there. What's more the teaching and learning atmosphere on campus is very pleasant and the wide range of possibilities available mean you can be encouraged and challenged on an individual basis. But in the end, what you get out of something always depends on what you put in yourself.

Software Product Management graduate, 2015

Maren Rau

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Requirements Engineering
E/E Project Management and Integration/Research & Development (RD/EIP), Daimler AG

A friend recommended the Software Product Management programme at Furtwangen University to me. I applied, was accepted, I started, studies and graduated - today Furtwangen is a part of me. What I remember most is the friendly atmosphere.

The programme at the Faculty of Computer Science is an excellent basis for working in the business world. Translators are often needed at the interface between IT and management - that's what the Software Product Management programme trains you to do. I experience every day how important this mutual understanding, especially in Requirements Engineering, is. The complexity in vehicle development is constantly increasing, the cars of tomorrow are full of soft and hardware. That's why skilled computer science graduates are highly sought after in the automotive industry, too.

Software Product Management graduate, 2014

Michael Goldschmidt

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Lead Developer,
doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH
–  unser Partner im Industriebeirat

In retrospect the Computer Networking degree I completed in 2007 was the best choice for me for my everyday work in 2018 in the areas of digitalization, cloud computing and big data. Even back then, HFU was ahead of its time, teaching the topics of the future. The wide range of very different courses in my degree programme at HFU gave me a good basis for starting my career. Besides soft skills and technical know-how, we were also taught management skills and academic writing skills. It was exactly this mix along with exciting future-oriented topics which formed the perfect basis for professional development in my later work life and enabled me to work effectively on a range of different customer projects.

Computer Networking graduate 2007
Now Networking and IT Security specialization in Computer Science programme

Anatolij Ristok

Senior Software Developer
M&M Software GmbH, St. Georgen

I have never regretted taking my Diploma in Computer Science and making a career in this field of work, even after many years on the job. Our lectures covered scientifically based subject knowledge which we were able to apply during the internship semester and our thesis. This was supplemented with practical experience. I enjoyed the courses in Numerics, System Programming and Technical Computer Science, also because the topics are always current despite the rapidly changing daily work of a software developer.

The up-to-date content of the courses with its relevance to the workplace was very useful when I started working at M&M Software. Currently I develop software for process automation, factory automation, embedded systems, industry 4.0 and the internet of things.

Computer Science graduate, 2005

Sarah Fridrich

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Lead Consultant
CGI Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

My Bachelor in Software Product Management provide the basis for my current consulting position. The mix of computer science and management made it easier for me to understand the demands of my customers and to be able to convey this clearly to the developers.

Thanks to the close cooperation with industry, I was able to do my master's with my present employer CGI after I graduated. I have never regretted my decision to take my degree at the Faculty of Computer Science at Furtwangen University.

Bachelor of Software Product Management graduate, 2015