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Cyber Security

Bachelor of Science

Secure your future!

Cyber security is an exciting field in which highly trained specialists are in demand and we'll train you! 

Besides the technical aspects of network security, this comprehensive course also includes digital forensics, system monitoring and the development of cyber security strategies. There are three areas of expertise on the course: Computer Science, IT Security and Digital Forensics. 

Computer Science 
This deals with computer networks, operating systems and secure programming. We teach you the basics of secure coding and network administration.

IT Security
You will focus intensively on securing networks and IT services. This includes network management and security, data protection, web security and intrusion prevention. You'll also learn about legal principles as well as standards and norms. We make you fit to work as an "ethical hacker" in highly professional security teams. Your tasks: you minimise attack surfaces for cyber criminals. You will also prevent attacks or reduce the undesirable effects of an attack.

Digital Forensics 
During your course, you'll learn to recognise malware and reconstruct data, entering the discipline of digital forensics. We provide you with critical know-how from the field of IT and malware forensics and basic knowledge of cryptology. You will also be looking at AI-supported solutions in cyber security. Learn the best way to use AI  to detect threats more quickly and react more effectively. The challenge here is to always be at the cutting edge of technology in order to combat cyber-crime effectively.

Further information about the course

The Cyber Security degree programme is expected to start in Winter Semester 2024/25. 

We will be happy to keep you informed and let you know when the application phase starts. Please send an email with the subject "News IT Security" to Email application is started:Kordula Kugele.

  • ECTS 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration 7 Semesters
  • Campus Furtwangen Campus
  • Faculty Computer Science
  • Programme begins Winter semester (October), Summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline 15 July (winter semester), 15 January (summer semester)
  • Entry requirements University entrance qualification
  • Teaching Language German
  • Accreditation Yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)

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