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The academic objective of the International Engineering (IEB) programme is to train you as a modern, practical engineer - with the best job prospects for a successful, global career. Engineering fundamentals, languages, intercultural awareness and business courses - this degree programme teaches everything you need for a later position on the international job market.

You have the choice between mechanical engineering and medical engineering.

In the fifth semester, you will complete your semester abroad in Shanghai, France or Spain or South America according to your choice of linguistic-cultural focus. This degree programme is a perfect combination of technology, internships, intercultural, languages and business fundamentals. The semester abroad and practical semester are an excellent preparation for the upcoming tasks in the working world. In this way, you create a good network for yourself already during your studies, which simplifies your later entry into the professional world.

  • Project management, course projects
  • Design, CAD
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • SPS technology
  • Automation and robotics
  • Practicals for basic subjects, labs
  • Production planning and control
  • Advanced studies electives: Medical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering


  • Mathematics
  • Data processing
  • Principles of natural sciences
Intercultural Communication and Management
  • Intercultural communication
  • Multicultural teamwork
  • Fundamentals of business studies and economics
  • Management in international organizations
  • Business process management
Foreign languages and regional focus

Language and communication skills are an integral part of the program. You will learn to communicate effectively even in the most challenging business situations. All language courses are taught by experienced professionals who are native speakers of the language they teach.

For international students (EU and non-EU):

Foreign language: German

If they have already had German niveau B2, they can also choose between Chinese, Spanish or French (like the Germans).

For German students: 

Foreign language

Chinese (no previous knowledge)
Spanish  (A2 Level) 
French (A2 Level)

In addition to learning the language of the regional focus, you will also examine, history and culture, business practices and  social systems of that region.

All language courses aim to improve written and spoken communication skills, and extend the vocabulary and language required across a range of technical contexts.

Courses are also offered in German as a Foreign Language at all levels, Business German, Technical German and socio-political courses on Germany and the European Union today.


Study Plus

You can also combine a degree in International Engineering with vocational training. The "Study Plus with Medical Engineering" or "Study Plus with Mechanical Engineering" make it possible for you to gain two qualifications in just 4 and a half years - vocational training as an Industrial mechanic and a Bachelor's degree in International Engineering.

The foundation studies are extended from 2 to 4 semesters. At the same time you carry out an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic working closely with a company. As a result you will be more financially secure as you will also be earning an income.

If you also want to gain a great deal of practical insight into your later field of work during your university course, or are wondering how you are going to be able to finance your studies, we recommend our Cooperative Trainee Programme. It can be easily combined with your degree programme.