Learning outcomes

Details of programme (I5295-1)

International Engineering (IEB) aims to train engineers for an international career.

The future is international. Be a part of it!

An engineering basis plus language and cultural know-how plus business studies - this programme gives you everything you need to find a job in the international job market.

You have the choice of taking mechanical engineering or medical engineering. In the 5th semester you will spend a semester abroad. The choice of country— be it China, France, Spain or a country in South America — will depend on your regional focus. This programme is the perfect combination of engineering, practical work, intercultural awareness, languages and business principles. The semester abroad and the internship semester will prepare you for the your future tasks in the workplace. This way you will build up a good network, even while you are studying, which will make your career start later on easier.

We offer small classes, intensive supervision and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

In short: This programme prepares you for the future.

Programme Content

Essential basics

  • Mathematics
  • Data processing
  • Principles of natural sciences


  • Project management, course projects
  • Design, CAD
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • SPS technology
  • Automation and robotics
  • Practicals for basic subjects, labs
  • Production planning and control
  • Advanced studies electives: Medical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

Intercultural Competence and Management

  • Intercultural communication
  • Multi-cultural teamwork
  • Fundamentals of business studies and economics
  • Management in international organizations
  • Business process management

Foreign Languages & regional focus

  • Improved Technical and Business English proficiency
  • In the regional focus you add a second foreign language: Chinese, French or Spanish
    • French: you learn business French. Prerequisite: good basic knowledge
    • Spanish: you learn business Spanish. Prerequisite: good basic knowledge

Study Plus

You can also combine a degree in International Engineering with vocational training. The "Study Plus with Medical Engineering" or "Study Plus with Mechanical Engineering" make it possible for you to gain two qualifications in just 4 and a half years - vocational training as an Industrial mechanic and a Bachelor's degree in International Engineering.

The foundation studies are extended from 2 to 4 semesters. At the same time you carry out an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic working closely with a company. As a result you will be more financially secure as you will also be earning an income.

If you also want to gain a great deal of practical insight into your later field of work during your university course, or are wondering how you are going to be able to finance your studies, we recommend our Cooperative Trainee Programme. It can be easily combined with your degree programme.