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How do I apply for a bachelor's degree programme?

In April 2018 Furtwangen University started using the External link opens in a new application platform ("Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren" DoSV), which is used throughout Germany, for applications to bachelor's degree programmes. It is possible to apply for one or more study programmes on the platform.

Special requirements for foreign students

Application procedure:

  1. Register on
    If you already have a User Account from previous applications, please also use this for future applications.
  2. You will receive your "Applicant ID" and an activation link to complete your registration by email. From this point on, you can register on with your user name and password.
  3. Under, go to the "Application" sub-page of your chosen bachelor's programme.
  4. At the end of this page you will find the direct link for this study programme to You will be asked for your user information.
  5. Fill out all required boxes on and print out the application form.
  6. Fill out the Furtwangen University checklist and attach it to your application. By using the checklist, you can ensure that you do not forget any of the important documents which we need to process your application.
  7. Send your application by post to Furtwangen University. You will find the postal address in the checklist.
  8. Prioritize: if you apply for several programmes, give your chosen order of priority. Give your favourite, priority 1.


Checklist for application for bachelor's study programmes

(Please use this checklist as the cover page for your application!)

These dates are important

  1. For the winter semester (lectures begin in October): the Hochschulstart application portal will probaby open on 15 April 2021.
    The application deadline this year ends on 31 July 2021, not on 15 July as normal, for EU-nationals and bachelor programmes.
  2. Applications for the coming summer semester (= lectures begin in March) can be made between 1 December and 15 January.
  3. You may receive offer letters for your applications due to rankings being released and other applicants dropping out at any time from start of the Coordination Phase. When there is more than one offer, the coordination regulations come into force.
  4. Coordinated Clearing Process
    Study places still remaining after the Coordination Phase, will be allocated in a Coordinated Clearing Process. If you did not receive an offer in the Coordination Phase, you will be sent a link from hochschulstart. Using this link you have 72 hours to declare your interest in taking part in the Coordinated Clearing Process for individual study programmes for which you have applied and have not withdrawn your application.