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S3D Post-pro Lab

In depth media production

Purpose of Lab

The S3D post-pro lab is used for the following teaching and production activities:

  • introduction of students to all production steps of S3D cinematic film production
  • execution of perception test for stereoscopic content (VR/AR, S3D) under controlled conditions
  • four additional classic post-production work stations if Postproduction Lab is full

Lab Equipment

  • Stereo camera rigs in side-by-side (Redrock) and mirror configurations (Swissrig)
  • Self-programmed S3D calculator
  • Mobile S3D recording server with integrated alignment control, postpro notebook
  • Central NAS for distributed post-production (local or remote), workflow management
  • Unity/SteamVR, Cinema4D and Blender, Adobe Creative Suite, NukeX with various plug-ins in the latest versions on all computers
  • Testing station for stereoscopic testing
  • HTC-Vive with integrated VR eyetracking (pupilabs)
  • 5 high performance workstations, 2 x 27" monitors per workstation
  • 50" S3D TV screen


N 0.03 Furtwangen Campus