International (I19070-1)

Spend a semester abroad

Furtwangen University tries to make it possible for all students to spend a semester abroad. Students of the Faculty of Digital Media can spend a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities. HFU is proud of the many prestigious partnerships it has with universities in Australia, Mexico, the UK, the USA and other countries.

There are several options to spend a semester abroad. Students can either take advantage of the over 140 partner universities we have, or they can seek a suitable university of their own choice. The University's International Center will provide the necessary information. The IC also organizes information events every semester. The semester abroad is generally taken during the 6th semester.

Besides the semester abroad, students also have the opportunity to do their internship semester in a foreign company and to do their bachelor's or master's thesis work in cooperation with a firm abroad.

International students at our Faculty

Every semester our Faculty is pleased to welcome students from our partner universities who would like to spend an exchange semester with us. We offer several of our modules and lectures in English for this purpose: