Information for new students in bachelor's programmes at the Faculty of Digital Media

DM First Semester Welcome (I24719-1)

Dear first-year student,

With your application, you have already taken the first step and we are very pleased that you have decided to study Digital Media in Furtwangen at our Faculty of Digital Media. To make it easier for you to start your studies with us, we will provide you with the best possible support to help you make a well-informed decision and successfully complete your desired degree.

We plan and start the Winter Semester 22/23 on campus. There will also be occasional online events and hybrid events (face-to-face/online). Depending on further developments in the Corona pandemic, the ratio of face-to-face to online may shift. Please understand that we cannot make any more precise statements in this regard at this time.

Therefore, it is even more important that you regularly inform yourself about the news concerning your studies via our communication channels. In our faculty this is our intranet: External link opens in a new window:  Here you can log in with your university account. You will find information about the respective event format under "Information about the event format (digital, hybrid, presence)". Please also regularly check the university's information at: External link opens in a new Very important information will also be sent to your HFU e-mail address. Please check these media regularly.

Our online events take place in our digital rooms via Alfaview: External link opens in a new window: There are special rooms reserved for our Digital Media faculty under the corresponding tab. Here you have to log in with your university account. In order to enter an online room, you first have to download and install the Alfaview client: External link opens in a new window: All instructions for the installation of Alfaview can be found in the following manual: External link opens in a new window:

For a smooth participation we recommend that you log in to the room well in advance of the start time to make sure that the computer setup and the camera are working. For good audio quality, we strongly recommend using headphones or a headset to avoid sound interference.

If you have any problems, please check.....

1.) if the client is installed correctly

2.) if you can open the link with another browser

3.) at External link opens in a new window: in the 10-Alfaview section, if you can find your problem and its solution there

4.) at External link opens in a new window: if the setup is set up correctly.

A first orientation to our faculty can be found in our DM-Info_118_Erste Informationen und Kontakte Bachelor, which you can find in the dean's office downloads in our intranet at any time. Attention: The given link only works if you have logged in to the DM intranet with your RZ account data before.

Important dates at the beginning of your studies

(Current status, please check our intranet, your mails and this page regularly for an update)

Good luck and have fun in your studies!

The Faculty of Digital Media