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5 March, 1850
Foundation of Archduke of Baden's Clockmaker School in Furtwangen
1852Foundation of the "German Clock Museum“ - still a department of the HFU to this day
1863Closure of Clockmaker School but vocational school remains
Re-establishment of the Clockmakers' School and establishment of Wood-carving School 
1891Completion of new building and introduction of new three-year educational model
1925Foundation of Baden Clockmaker School, a state technical college for clock and watchmaking, precision engineering and electrical engineering
1926Introduction of Radio Technology programme
1947Foundation of State Engineering School in Furtwangen
Introduction of first Engineering degree programmes
Erection of first new building - A building, south
Graduation of first engineers
Introduction of Equipment and Automation Technology programme
Erection of A building, north
Establishment of first computer centre with large electronic computer (IBM 1620)
Introduction of Electronic and Control Technology programme
1969Introduction of Bioresonance programme
1971Foundation of Furtwangen Technical University
Introduction of General Computer Sciences /Business Information Systems programme
1972Erection of new extension with large lecture theater (B building with auditorium)
Introduction of Business Information Systems programme
1982Introduction of Product Engineering programme
Establishment of first laboratory for the manufacture of integrated circuits
1985Completion of new building extension (C building)
Introduction of Equipment and automation technology programme
1987Introduction of Microelectronics as course specialisation
1988Inaugeration of Schwenningen campus
Introduction of Materials and Surface Technology programme
1990Introduction of Computer Science in Media and Process Technology programmes
Introduction of Mechanical Engineering /Automation Technology and Microsystems Technologyprogrammes
Introduction of Artificial Intelligence as course specialisation
Introduction of International Business Management and Medical Engineering programmes
Introduction of Documentation and Design as course specialisation
1996Introduction of Communication Engineering programme
1997Change of name to University of Technology and Business
1998Completion of technical centre for Faculty of Environmental and Process Technology on Schwenningen campus
1999Introduction of International Business Management programme
2000Introduction of Microsystems Engineering, BiomedicalEngineering, Documentation & Design, Marketing and Sales, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Biotechnology programmes
2001Introduction of Business Consulting, Online Media, Computer Science in Media and Sales & Service Engineering programmes
Introduction of Business Networking programme - first degree programme in Germany specifically for women
2003Introduction of Executive Master of International Business Management programme
Introduction of Applications Achitecture programme
2005Change of name and logo to Furtwangen University (HFU)
Introduction of Advanced Computer Science, Computer
Networking, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics 
and Bio and Process Engineering programmes
2007Introduction of Security and Safety Engineering programme
Certification as family-friendly university
Introduction of Information and Communication Systems programme
2009Inaugeration of third HFU campus in Tuttlingen
Introduction of Industrial MedTec, Industrial Systems Design and Industrial Manufacturing programmes
2010Matriculation of over 4000 students for the first time
Introduction of Molecular and Technical Medicine and Service Management programmes
2011Opening of new HFU Business School and library building in Schwenningen
Erection of Neckar Tower in Schwenningen - HFU moves into top five floors of tower
Introduction of Applied Health Sciences and Virtual Engineering programmes
2012Introduction of International Management (MSc) programme
2013Introduction of Security & Safety Engineering (MSc)Computer Science in Media (MSc)Interactive Media Design (MA)Technical Physician (MSc) and Medical Diagnostic Technologies (MSc) programmes 25 years Schwenningen Campus anniversary
2014Introduction of Mobile Systems (MSc)Mechatronic Systems (MSc)Advanced Precision Engineering (MSc)Micromedicine (MSc) and Sustainable Bioprocess Technology (MSc)programmes, and consecutive Master's programme in Software Engineering (MSc)
2015Introduction of Computer Science (BSc), Electrical Engineering (BSc) and IT Product management (BSc) programmes and the Technical Orientation Prep Course in Tuttlingen
25 year anniversary of Faculty of Digital Media
2016Introduction of Business Administration and Engineering - Product Innovation (MSc)Physiotherapy (BSc) and Applied Materials Sciences (MSc) programmes
2017Introduction of Business Management and Psychology (BSc)Engineering Psychology (BSc)MusicDesign (MA) and Interdisciplinary Health Promotion (MSc) programmes
2018Introduction of Risk, Reliability and Safety Engineering (MSc) and Applied Health Promotion (MSc) programmes
 Opening of theTuttlingen Innovation and Research Center (IFC) of Furtwangen University

10 year anniversary of University Campus Tuttlingen

Introduction of Applied Biology (BSc), International Business Information Systems (BSc), Mechatronics and Digital Production (BSc), Medical Engineering - Clinical Technologies (BSc),  Medical Engineering - Technologies and Development Processes (BSc), Micromedicine Engineering (MSc), Precision Manufacturing and Management (MSc), Precision Medicine Diagnostics (MSc) and Materials and Production Engineering (BSc) programmes

2020Introduction of International Business Information Systems (BSc), Precision Manufacturing and Management (MSc) and Business Administration and Engineering - Industrial Solutions (BSc) programmes
2021Introduction of Human Factors (MSc) and Midwifery Sciences (BSc) programmes