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Furtwangen University welcomes partnership with Tuttlingen Hospital

Tuttlingen Hospital has started a valuable partnership with Furtwangen University – in future, HFU students and staff from the Tuttlingen site will be able to eat lunch in the hospital's canteen.

"We're very happy that this opportunity has arisen," says HFU President Dr. Alexandra Bormann, "this development is an important further building block for the future viability of our location." Head of Administration Andrea Linke added, "We have repeatedly looked for solutions in the past, including with the City of Tuttlingen. It's particularly important for student budgets to have the opportunity to get a full meal at a reasonable price at least once a day."

"I think it's particularly great that two of our student representatives have campaigned for this solution, supported by the Friends of Tuttlingen Campus Association," says President Bormann. "I'm very grateful for this initiative, which demonstrates the high level of commitment shown by our students, as well as the support provided by institutions and regional companies."