Schwenningen Campus (I14263)
"There are some really nice places to go in and around Schwenningen. I like to go jogging in the mornings round the Schwenningen Moos, a nature reserve on the outskirts of the town."
Simona Vogel (International Business Management student from Lithuania)

Schwenningen Campus

Find a second family in Schwenningen

The Schwenningen Campus is situated 30 kilometres east of the Furtwangen Campus in Schwenningen, which is one half of the External link opens in a new window:twin town of Villingen-Schwenningen (total population c. 85,000). Villingen and Schwenningen are an unlikely partnership. While External link opens in a new window:Villingen is famous for its picturesque, historical town centre surrounded by the remains of a medieval town wall, Schwenningen is a town built on industry, famous for the clock factories which employed many thousands of local people and exported top quality products worldwide. Nowadays the clock factories have all but gone, but the proud tradition of precision engineering lives on. Schwenningen still boasts a strong industrial base of small and medium-sized enterprises located in modern industrial estates. HFU itself is actually located in the historic setting of the Kienzle clock factory. As a result, the campus architecture is an eclectic mix of converted industrial space and ultra-modern buildings, including the award-winning library completed in 2011.

External link opens in a new window:Schwenningen is also a student town, home to 2 other universities besides Furtwangen University. The Baden-Württemberg State Cooperative University is just across the road from HFU and shares the same modern, purpose-built cafeteria and canteen. Our campus is located in the centre of town, close to the bustling pedestrian area with its shops, cafes and restaurants. Nearby there are many green areas and parks where students can relax, and even play beach volleyball. The External link opens in a new window:Neckar Park, for example, a beautifully landscaped area along the River Neckar, is only a few minutes walk from the campus.

Approximately 2000 students study at the 3 Faculties on the Schwenningen Campus:

  • HFU Business School
  • Mechanical and Medical Engineering
  • Medical and Life Sciences

Being small enables us to focus on our students' needs, providing individual attention in classes and outstanding personal support. However, we are also very international, welcoming bachelor's and master's students from all corners of the globe. A wide range of student organizations and clubs regularly host their own business, social and sports activities and events, so there's always something happening around campus. When we ask our students what they enjoy most about studying in Schwenningen, they tell us that they love the sense of community and the international atmosphere. The small class sizes and the focus on group project work mean it is much easier to get to know your fellow students, and without the multiple distractions of big cities, our students can focus more on personal relationships and creative ways to spend their free time together, such as going dancing together, organising a karaoke evening, or even having a "Post-economics exam depression dinner".

However, in a town the size of Schwenningen, there is no shortage of things to do off campus either. Bars and restaurants, an indoor swimming pool, an ice rink, cinemas and the brand new Neckarhalle, a venue for events including the University's graduation balls, are all within easy walking distance. And walking is no problem, because Schwenningen is a very safe town.

As soon as you reach the outskirts of town, you are surrounded by beautiful countryside just waiting to be discovered. The Schwenningen "Moos" is a nature reserve not far from the centre of town which is popular with joggers and walkers, and there are many beautiful hiking trails and cycling paths you can take directly from the town.

    Of course, direct access to the motorway and good bus and train connections mean Schwenningen is also an ideal location for exploring further afield. The cities of Stuttgart, Constance and Freiburg are all a one-hour train trip away, and France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy are all easily reachable for weekend trips. And for our international exchange students, the inexpensive excursions and activities organised by the International Center every semester are a great way to find out more about our region and see more of Germany. These include excursions to Heidelberg or Berlin, visits to the opera in Stuttgart and skiing and hiking trips in the Black Forest.

    Check out our tips for freetime activities suitable for a student budget, in and around Schwenningen below.

        Schwenningen Campus

        Tips for your free time in and around Schwenningen

        Tip: Check out what our other campuses in Furtwangen and Tuttlingen have to offer too.

        Things to do for free
        Join a club, become a trainer, or even start a club of your own through the Student Union (AStA). (Student Union website)
        Hang out with lots of other young people, even if you're not a skater, at the new skateparks at External link opens in a new window:Klosterhof, between Schwenningen and Villingen, and in Rottweil.
        Get to know students from around the world in the International Students Association (ISC). (ISC facebook page)
        Make new friends by becoming a member of Internal link opens in the same window:student club such as Business Talks.
        Enjoy a cultural show put on by our students from around the world on the campus, or take part yourself (International Festival).
        Play an instrument or sing in the University's own Big Band.
        Relax in some of the many External link opens in a new window:parks and green areas in and around Schwenningen. (Slideshow of parks and green areas)
        Go jogging round the Schwenningen "Moos" nature reserve on the edge of town. (External link opens in a new window:Video of Schwenningen "Moos" from ground level and bird's-eye-view video)
        Borrow a bike and go for a bike tour. Schwenningen lies at the crossroads of several well-known long-distance bike routes. (External link opens in a new window:cycle routes)
        Wander round a market, such as the bi-weekly farmers' market, the Christmas market or a local crafts fair. (market information)
        Go for a hike in the countryside or forests around Schwenningen. Schwenningen lies at the crossroads of many long distance hiking trails. (hiking information)
        Things to do on a student budget
        Join one of 92 sports clubs in Villingen-Schwenningen at reduced prices. (External link opens in a new window:special offers for students)
        Go bouldering at the new 1,500 m² indoor Bouldering Centre at Klosterhof between Schwenningen and Villingen. (External link opens in a new window:Youth and Culture Centre Klosterhof)
        Go External link opens in a new window:skating at the indoor ice rink, or take the plunge at one of the External link opens in a new window:swimming pools in the area.
        Cheer on some of Germany's top sportsmen and women, e.g. in ice hockey, basketball or volleyball. External link opens in a new window:(top spectator sport in VS)
        Discover the many External link opens in a new window:festivals and events which take place in the city of Villingen-Schwenningen. (External link opens in a new window:event and culture website of the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region)
        Enjoy an evening of music, dance, film, fireworks and more in the streets of Schwenningen on the Long Schwenningen Culture Night in July. (External link opens in a new window:Long Schwenningen Culture night)
        Take advantage of student discounts for world-class theatre, ballet and musical performances at various venues in Villingen and Schwenningen. (External link opens in a new window:schedule of cultural events) Last-minute tickets for students are also available for some venues.
        Take a local bus to Schwenningen's twin town Villingen (Villingen video), or a circle train from the station across the road from the campus to the picturesque medieval town of Rottweil. (Rottweil video)
        Visit the town art gallery, right next to the campus, or a local museum such as the Aircraft Museum at Schwenningen Airport. At the Clock Industry Museum you can find out about the history of clock-making in Schwenningen.
        Join in the carnival festivities at Fasnet: watch a parade or go to a Fasnet party in a local pub or restaurant. (Fasnet info)
        Take a course from a whole range offered at evening classes run by the city's Volkshochschule. (External link opens in a new window:VHS auf Instagram)
        Discover more about the region and other parts of Germany on the inexpensive Internal link opens in the same window:International Center excursions offered by HFU.
        Things to save up for
        Go downhill skiiing at the largest resort in the Black Forest, or try out snowshoeing. (skiing on the Feldberg) and (snowshoeing in the Black Forest)
        Enjoy one of the many summer music festivals in the area, such as the Honbergsommer and the Southside in and near Tuttlingen, the Hohentwiel Festival near Singen, or the Tent Festival in Freiburg.
        Rent a car and do a tour of the southern Black Forest. (External link opens in a new window:southern Black Forest road trip video)
        Take a trip through the Black Forest in an historic steam engine on the Sauschwänzlebahn railway.
        Visit Triberg at Christmas to wander round the magical Christmas market and see Germany's highest waterfalls lit up. (External link opens in a new window:Triberg waterfalls)
        Go for a romantic ride through the Black Forest in a horse-drawn carriage in summer, or in a sleigh in winter.
        Do a tandem parachute jump at Schwenningen airport.
        Spend the day relaxing in one of the many spas in the area. Student discounts are often offered. (External link opens in a new window:spas in the Black Forest) or (spas on Lake Constance)
        Mingle with the rich and famous for a day in Baden-Baden with its high-class shops, cafés, famous thermal waters and historic casino. (Baden-Baden video)
        Rent a car for the day and enjoy the wonderful mediterranean atmosphere on Lake Constance. (10 things to do at Lake Constance)
        Take in a Schwenningen Wild Wings hockey game. The team plays in the German national league.
        Catch the train to Stuttgart or Freiburg (Germany), Straßburg (France) or Zürich (Switzerland) for the day. (videos of Stuttgart, Freiburg, Zürich and Straßburg)
        Get your thrills at Europapark, one of the best funparks in Germany.
        Go on a road trip and visit several countries in one day, e.g. Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, or Switzerland and France. (video of weekend road trip through Germany, Switzerland and Austria)
        Visit a fairytale castle in our area, such as Sigmaringen or Hohenzollern.
        Schwenningen Campus (I15523)
        "We enjoy running the gymnastics class at HFU and giving others the opportunity to try out gymnastics."
        Julia Kolodziej (International Business Management) and Look Phanthavong (Medical Engineering)
        Schwenningen Campus (I15525)
        "I enjoy coaching the self-defence group at HFU and getting to know students from all the different study programmes. The HFU sports programme also gives me the chance to try out new activites such as boxing."
        Denise Beck (International Business)