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"Third Mission" as a joint task

Besides the two core functions of "Education" and "Research", universities are increasingly expected to fulfill a third function, the "Third Mission", which refers to the diverse transfer activities of the university with non-academic partners in business and society.

For HFU, third mission means relating contributions from teaching, research and continuing education directly to socially relevant topics and future technologies, addressing them collaboratively with stakeholders from business and society. HFU is equally committed to the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology. This includes the creation of value in the economy, in society and in culture, as well as creating ethical value. The entire university is therefore jointly responsible for the Third Mission, and depending on the requirements, specific offers and contributions can be made by faculties and institutions such as the Internal link opens in the same window:Institute for Applied Research (IAF), the Internal link opens in the same window:Innovation and Research Center (IFC) and the Internal link opens in the same window:HFU Akademie.

As a teaching, research and learning institution, HFU is ready to play a creative role in the dynamic transformation of the economy and society. To this end, it is networked in a variety of ways with regional and supra-regional players outside academia, making it particularly aware of the various perspectives which converge in Third Mission activities.

Regional and supraregional practical and innovation partnerships such as the CoHMed research and transfer partnership for medical technology, can be set up to exchange ideas for transfer in key areas. Topics of future relevance such as digitisation are addressed together with social stakeholders (Internal link opens in the same window:Digitaldialog 21), new spaces for contemporary scientific continuing education are developed ('Internal link opens in the same window:Weiter in Südbaden'), start-up projects from the university are promoted (External link opens in a new window:startUPcampus@HFU), commercially exploitable intellectual property is generated and made available, and opportunities for graduates and companies to match requirements are created (Internal link opens in the same window:University Careers Fair).

Contact:Email application is started:transfer(at)hs-furtwangen.de